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I post all of my scores, good or bad. Before I broke my foot a couple of years ago, I was about a 15 handicap. Now it has gone up some (only been playing again for a month and a half), but my game is coming back to were it was. I also use and app on my phone that tracks club distance on the course, FIR, GIR, # of puts, and a lot of other info. That has really helped me figure out were I need work, and has helped my game start to come back.   Now that I have payed a...
  This is exactly what I did. When I started out, I didn't want to spend a couple grand on clubs till I knew I was gonna stock with it, and really couldn't afford the name brand clubs at the time. Luckily for me, I can now. I had been using Callaway clones, just bough a new set of clubs, from driver to putter. Driver and irons are all Callaway, woods are TaylorMade (good sale), and the wedges are Cleveland. I have always used Cleveland wedges, but my first set were given...
I picked up some generic clubs when I first started playing. I used them for a couple of years until I got better and then got fitted and had a set made for me. If you do get a cheaper generic set, I would stay away from Graphite shafts on the irons. The better quality clubs will have good quality shafts. But the cheaper ones can have some poor quality shafts. I'd stick with the steel shafts on the lower end stuff.
I wouldn't say I did it intentionally. But I do notice now that I am using stiff shafts, my spread of shots tends to be tighter.
I did carry less than 14 clubs for a while. Wanted to add more wedges, but wanted to make sure carrying less irons wouldn't hurt my game. So I took some of the irons out for several games. Then once I was used to it, I added a approach wedge (gap), and lob wedge. I found that I never used those irons, but I do use the wedges more often. It's nice having 4 wedges.
Bag is Callaway, not sure which one, but it's a black cart bag that says Callaway on the side.   Driver: Callaway FTIQ tour 9.5 with Fubuki Shaft   3 & 5 woods: TaylorMade R11 T1's with Fujikura Shaft   Irons: Callaway Razr X HL 4 - AW with True Temper Shafts   Wedges: Clevelan CG15 Black Pearl with Clevelend Shaft   Putter: Odyssey Tri Ball SRT   Ball: Callaway Diablo Tour
I really think that the static fitting will help people who aren't "normal" the most, even at the higher handicaps. If your 6'6" or 5'1", off the shelf clubs aren't going to fit you at all. And you will have to compensate for them in your swing, instead of being able to make a good swing. Not sure how much it would help an "average sized" person with a higher handicap.   I also think that anyone can benefit from finding out there swing speed, so they can see what...
 I agree with this. I have used clones for several years. They are pretty close in quality to the brand name clubs. But you still have to be careful what ones you get. There are a few reputable clone builders online, and there are some shady ones to. I always found a local builder near me and got fitted for the clubs. I just recently bought brand name clubs (2 weeks ago), I can say that the clones hit really well compared to what I have now. My new clubs are a few years...
  I just got my daughter to start playing. I enjoy going so much more now. I agree that you should get your Dad to go with you.
Or you could just use Blue painters tape. Comes off clean and shows impacts nicely.
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