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I would stay away from the counterfit clubs. If you are short on cash and want some nice clubs, why not try clones? Gigagolf.com,Monarkgolf.com or one of the others. The clones tend to have much better quality, and in many cases are made in the same foundries as the real stuff.
That's not bad at all. I would move up to the white tees though, you are playing championship tee's if you are the tips.
What's the website?   Edit: Nevermond. I found it at Golfsmith. May have to get some clubs regripped.
I had a set a few years ago that I picked up a Sports Authority. Can't remember the brand, but it was on sale for $130 for the whole set. Graphite shafts on everything except the putter. After about a year of using them, I started having the heads break off right at the hosels. It wouldn't be on a bad swing either. I would just hit it normal, it would sound weird, and the head would fly farther than the ball. First couple that broke, I just had the re shafted with TT...
The ladies shafts might give you problems with the flex. But why not get fitted. That would tell you the length and flex of clubs you need. You might be fine with the jr clubs, but you might be better with regular clubs that are cut down to size.
OK, clubs came in yesterday. Went to the range and tried out both sets. Both had a great feel to them. I had a hard time distinguishing which I liked better. I lean towards the Razr X HL. The HL's are a little wider, and there is more weight distributed towards the back. Distance and accuracy with both was similar. I will say that I liked the feel of the HL's better, just felt like a cleaner hit.   I am happy that I wet with the HL's. I hit both at the store before...
I think the driver is one of the most important clubs to get fitted, but most buy an off the shelf club. I have always carried a driver, but didn't always hit it well. I never gave up on it though, I tend to be stubborn. I am (was) lucky enough to have a friend that was an Instructor. (he moved away unfortunately) He was helping me fix a lot of my issues, and a big one was driver inconsistency. He helped me change a lot of things about my swing. He also recommended that...
I lift but don't do much leg workouts. My legs are big enough as it is, and I already have a hard time finding pants that fit right.
I see no problems with cargo shorts on the course. Shorts are so common around here in Florida that people don't really even notice. There are a couple of courses around here that don't even care if you wear tshirts, but I do think collared shirts should be worn. I usually wear a pair of cargo shorts, and a Hawiian shirt when I play. But that's pretty common here. I never tuck my shirt in either.   When I'm not playing I tend to wear the same thing with sandles year...
Slayer, Testament, and a local band named Forte. Raining blood tour. I know I'm weird, I did used to play in a death metal band many moons ago.
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