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my biggest pet peeve is needless heather that just slows down play and bogs down the golf course.  not to mention it just brings an inordinate amount of luck into play since it is difficult to find your ball in there unless there are objects near by that let you gauge the depth of your shot.    It just is artificially tricking up the golf course to produce higher scores.  Also, courses with far too many hazards that dont allow you to use your shotmaking ability/short...
I dont understand the whole potential lawsuit side of this.  rules change all the time in every sport and you never hear of a lawsuit.  I am sure that plenty of the physical corners in the NFL experienced some sort of dropoff after the contact rule started being enforced.  Should they be able to file a lawsuit?  What about the implementation of the quasi zone in the NBA?  Can players who could bully guys 1 on 1 file a lawsuit?  What about handchecking? The whole...
    This isnt fair though.  Under all circumstances where a potential violation occurs, the tournament would ask/notify the player prior to them signing their card.  Augusta screwed up the whole situation by not talking to him prior to him signing his card.   If you are going to penalize Tiger for this we should stop notifying players of penalties based on TV footage during the round to make it fair for everyone.
    I think they realized they would be screwing him over because they didnt do their due diligence when investigating the rule. If they hadnt been notified about it until today I have a feeling they would have DQ'ed him.
    If you want to do it that way though you should never inform the players of a penalty so its even for everyone.  If its truly a players responsibility and you want to protect the field, you need to make it the same for everyone (which obviously wont happen because not every shoft by every player is on camera).   Augusta blew it plain and simple.
yeah   Why there isnt a rules official with every group, especially for a major, is beyond me.   The purse is 8 million dollars lol and the masters has only 4mins of commercials.  Theres no monetary excuse.
  Brandel told a story about Bobby Locke a while ago.  Moving his coin because it was in someones line and then forgetting to move it back to tap in to win the british open.   His argument was that he gained no advantage because hed make the putt anyway.  IMO thats a cop out and if a rule is truly a rule it should be enforced no matter what.  I feel like theres definitely precedence for this ruling based on the Bobby Locke example.
    Actually no, it was brought in for balls that wobble on greens or in the fairway/rough that the player has no possible way to see.  Things like marking your ball on the green and when you pull your marker away it it moves ever so slightly.   The rule isnt in place for rule errors by the players.   EDIT: and yes Brandel is a douche and has been ever since the Tiger scandal.  If I didnt know better id say Tiger banged his wife or one of his daughters.  I dont think hes...
  No,   it sounded like they reviewed everything before he finished his round -> determined no infraction occured (without apparently consulting Tiger, wtf?) -> more people start talking about it -> they review AGAIN and determine there was in fact an infraction and they were wrong but use this rule to cover themselves for being lazy and not consulting Tiger before he signed his card.    And they completely are mis-using the rule if you go by the rules wording.  It...
why didnt the committee go and ask him about the drop before he signed his card instead of just deeming it not an infraction?  That was pretty stupid if you ask me.  
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