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why didnt the committee go and ask him about the drop before he signed his card instead of just deeming it not an infraction?  That was pretty stupid if you ask me.  
I think hell DQ himself in the next couple of hours
this will be a disaster ;\   he needs to DQ himself.
    cheating and a mistake are 2 different things.   Intent :)
    Thats your subjective opinion. What if I felt like he had to drop it right behind his divot? :)  How close is close?  The spirit of the rule seems to be if you have a lost ball and need to return back to where you previously hit.  Obviously something like dropping away from a tree or something is a completely different story and against the spirit of the rule.
any chance that he could play it off that he dropped farther back based on the assumption that his ball would roll forward to where he hit from originally?  If he dropped directly at his divot it looked like he would have rolled forward. Should he have re-dropped if he assumed it would roll forward but it didnt?
Didnt callaway make a mistake several years ago with a non-conforming driver? First thing I thought of when I heard about this thing was he better make sure its conforming :)
  Thats already happened to him.  It was on the 18th at Torrey when Tiger got his first win after switching to Hank Haney.  I think CHIII was 2-3 strokes back but he nearly jarred it for eagle but instead it went back into the water :(   This was final round mind you :)
man,   if he did get back with her with that pre-nup and she decided to be vindictive and not sleep with him regularly omfg.  It has to be gutwrenching for a guy like Tiger Woods to be relegated to some handaction because his wife won't have sex with him.
does anyone else think he didnt fumble the answer that badly? Does he sound like Tiger Woods behind the podium?  Absolutely not.  He sounded like lots of golf kids I've met playing in junior golf/city tournaments.     If hes not bothered by the way he comes across in interviews I dont see why anyone else should be. He stated his opinion that he felt his offense wasn't that bad in comparison to what some other players do on tour.  Big deal.  He stuck by his...
New Posts  All Forums: