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I still blame golf courses for a large portion of the slow play. 6 minute tee times, thick rough/tall grass/not clearly marked hazards, all add up.  If I was a golf course designer that was making a muni for your everyday golfers play, I would NEVER put heather/tall grass on the course.  Its absolutely asinine and just bogs down the golf course.  At least if you have water out there its an obvious hazard.  I cant believe how many courses I have played that have areas...
Who cares,   it is about drawing people to the gate.  Not many people, if any, are coming to see Mike Weir play.
  overreact much?  They lost. Its golf where you cant impose your will on your opponent.  It happens.  People criticizing tiger for playing bad are delusional.  He had 7 birdies saturday afternoon and they lost to a guy who made 8 birdies and an eagle on his own ball.   You can't do anything about that.     The only things I think anyone can be pissed off about are Phil and Keegan sitting, and Furyk/Striker playing bad.  I swear Furyk seems to hit the worst shots of his...
      I think playing this way is a horrible idea unless you are playing strictly for score in a tournament or something.  You will never get better if you don't learn how to hit your driver a decent distance.  You are basically conceding par if you play like this on any hole longer than 400 yards.  Quite often than not you will make double or worse if you mishit any of your shots on the hole.  I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.  Go get a couple of lessons and work on...
Looks like Tiger is playing some pro-combos or something there.  Thats news to me.
has there ever been anything worse?
I got rid of the 3 iron.  Very rarely have I missed it.
    You can give a playing competitor a golf ball according to the USGA(the PGA tour is a bit more restrictive with regards to golf balls, but again still legal)..  If they played the same make/number, by PGA tour rules it would be ok afaik
The only thing you can control is how you react to those situations.  At the end of the day as you know you cant remove strokes from your scorecard for distractions.  Its a pain in the ass but it is what it is.     BTW, do you shoot that high because you take loads of penalty strokes?  If its because of topped/bladed/chunked shots just realize those are unacceptable and you will drop in handicap immensely!!!
with the enormous disparity in short games when you compare the men and women's game, she could play from a distance comparable to a womans championship venue and still not come close to making the cut.   Augusta/Oakmont/any course with difficult greens would be the worst course to put an LPGA player up against the men.   i am curious to see how Pinehurst will be set up when you compare the men and women's opens (I haven't checked the schedule, but I imagine the...
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