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    Why not? The Salary cap can cripple a team far longer than not willing to spend the money.  A lot of places, its not that they cant necessarily afford it, its that they dont want to.  Look at Kansas City in baseball.........they spend jack shit but Kansas City is a big market......theres no excuse.  Same goes for Cleveland.  Look at the Marlins, they finally started to spend this year!   The salary cap is brutal and BS to fans IMO.  The NBA has a cap, do you think it...
    Gonna need a citation for golf beginning as match play.
how is matchplay the truest form of golf?
Fescue should not be as prevalent on courses as it is (particularly new courses which I assume have it because there are no mature trees on the course). It looks ugly and slows down play dramatically for the every day golfer. Now if you had marshalls and ball spotters like the tour pros do, it would be different, but since the average guy/course doesn't it just destroys the pace of play on a golf course.
I know what you mean, but since you can practice putting after the hole this doesn't really work that way. if you COULDNT practice putting after the putt was conceded, it would be a GREAT strategy.
Shes hot.  I'd beat.   Maybe shes a freak like Tiger too :)
    No he didnt.  Maybe a handful of times in his life, downwind down hill.     The clubs/balls back then were not conducive  to 300 yard drives. Its my understanding that Snead was the first tour pro to regularly drive it over 260.
  The PGA tour counts scoring averages differently than you are implying.   I believe they take the scoring average for the round, offset that to 72, and go from there.   This takes out the disparity for say a person who is only playing the harder courses where say 3-4 under par would win, and a person who is playing resort courses like the Bob Hope where 30 under wins.
$180 to play the K-Club in dublin out of season.   Was a mistake, but I was on vacation so meh.   Next time im in Ireland I would rather spend that money on a links course.  Aside from the name/Ryder cub being there, the K-Club wasn't very spectacular.
when do they start to time you when you are put on the clock?  I can see that as being a huge variable.  You have guys who take forever to pull a club, but when they do they hit it, then you got guys like Kevin Na who stand over the ball for ages before making a swing.   Also, if the rest of the field is slow and you know you are going to be waiting to hit every shot you have, it behooves you to slow things down a bit so you aren't hitting and waiting all the damn...
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