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College golf is BRUTALLY slow.  It is unbelievable.  I've been to the big 10 tournament when it was in east lansing, and I couldn't believe how bad it was.  There were guys sitting in the fairway for like 10 minutes trying to "pick a club" they also would talk through their shots like Phil and Bones.........   It has carried over into city tournaments. I don't even play city tournaments anymore because I don't feel like playing 5.5 hr rounds.
  Obviously when he was at his best he was one of the best iron players of all time (specifically long irons).  And when I say best I mean when he was playing his best (hoylake) not his best years. That still wasn't the strength of his game.  What separated him from everyone else was putting.     
    Newsflash. Hes putted poorly at augusta for the past 5 years. His ball striking has never been the problem there.  Hes been missing short putts consistently for 3 years. Its ugly.  Its really the only thing separating him from where he was before to where he is now.  His full swing was never his strength anyway, hed hit the ball like crap and shoot a couple under routinely because of his short game/putting.  
he refuses to accept that his putting is what has been killing him since the PGA & Yang.   Stop the full swing dammit.  Your putting is your undoing.
son of a bitch.  COME ON TIGER.
Ya, that was pretty crazy.  I bet you would be hard pressed to find anyone who teed off near him who broke 40 on both their 9's. I remember Stadler went something crazy like 43-45 on the front and 32 on the back (his back 9 had no weather problems)    
I understand that. But to me it didn't seem like Stricker played well either. First hole he hit a very mediocre 2nd shot after Tiger hit the fairway with his 2 iron for example. They seemed like they were both off.  Seemed like everyone was blaiming Tiger ("not even Steve Stricker could help him" for example)  
I only caught bits and pieces of the Tiger match but it didn't look like he was playing that bad to me.  was it really all on him or is it typical overreaction?
not many people are going to know swing speeds for those clubs.  Typically when someone says their clubhead speed its assumed to be with the Driver and nothing else.
What if a rock is used as a yardage marker, say 150 yards?  I've played several courses that have done something like that.  Would have to be allowed to move your ball I'd assume.
New Posts  All Forums: