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If you are a new golfer and want to get better you will need to learn to hit the fairway woods anyway, so why not tee off with the 3wood or Driver?  If it isn't a tournament round I see little point in doing this. 
Most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen on a golf course.  That one physically hurt.  
Realistically this whole notion of amateurism in golf is a crock (at least at top level amateur ranks)  These people come from incredibly wealthy families quite often and have had top level instruction since they were children.  There's nothing noble in being an amateur (I groan everytime I hear about Bobby Jones being an amateur, he was wealthy enough to be able to afford that, not everyone has that luxury).  You want to see amateurs, go to your local muni.  Those top...
Im from Lansing but just recently moved to Rochester Hills and am looking for golf buddies if anyone is out there =)   As far as michigan courses, Ive played a ton of low-mid range ones in central/western michigan.  I haven't played many out here yet.   Id definately recommend Thornapple to anyone going out near Grand Rapids.  Its a beautiful course that isnt crazy expensive (50-60$) and the first par 5 on the front nine that is ~600 yards and goes along the...
Its not shocking, his putting has been dodgy since he lost the lead at the PGA to Y.E. Yang.   The media basically never talked about it or noticed it until a few months ago. Its the same thing as the media always talking about how great of a putter Phil is yet hes almost guaranteed to miss a 3-4 footer during a crucial time in a major all the time.
If i didn't know better I'd swear Tiger missed his last 10 cuts the way people talk about him.  He played amazingly well at Augusta and was a balky putter away from winning the whole thing on the back nine.  He was clearly injured at the players and hasn't played since.  Why assume his career is over?  Did you not watch The Masters?     Pretty ridiculous.  People act like hes an over the hill boxer who has obviously lost his speed/coordination (Roy Jones) and its...
  Watson played with Nicklaus during Jack's prime.   Not to mention Watson came within a slightly smaller bounce of winning the british open at 59.  I dont see how Palmer can be ahead of him.  He has more majors than Palmer and basically the 2nd half of his career was a waste due to bad putting.  IMO he competed longer against far tougher competition and has a better major championship resume than Palmer.  Palmer's only advantage is in the number of tour victories, but...
  Depends on how you look at it, I would feel like the forward tee is the base price, and im paying extra to play the longer tees.      
    Youd be hard pressed to find any great athlete whos a good guy then.  Not saying they aren't out there, but they are few and far between.  Who wouldve believed all of the stuff about Tiger before it came out?  For all we know, any number of guys past, present, or future could be doing the same thing.  Its best not to judge these guys for their personal lives.      
anyone else get the feeling that arnold palmer is/was overrated?  Like how is he > Tom Watson aside from "impact" on the game and being popular to the masses?   I mean hes borderline top 10 to me if you just go by accomplishments(although to his credit 62 tour wins is impressive).  To me Watson and Player have to be > Palmer.
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