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anyone else get the feeling that arnold palmer is/was overrated?  Like how is he > Tom Watson aside from "impact" on the game and being popular to the masses?   I mean hes borderline top 10 to me if you just go by accomplishments(although to his credit 62 tour wins is impressive).  To me Watson and Player have to be > Palmer.
people not understanding how to use golf carts, walking reprehensibly slow, and taking 10 practice swings seems to be the common problem I see when the course is backed up (also some of these golf courses are to blame by not spreading the tee times out enough)   One course here in Rochester Hills, MI, Blackheath (a links style with heather/rye grass all over) actually has their pace of play at 4:40/5hrs.   Absolutely ridiculous -_-  This is for carts as well,...
    His knee isnt even the real problem atm, its his achilles    
Louis won by 7 shots.  People have forgotten that so fast its pretty ridiculous.  He absolutely destroyed St. Andrews as well with a great golf swing and amazing driving.    
are you hitting your lines? Is your speed off?  Are you misreading the putts?  Are you leaving yourself nasty putts that are downhill and break a lot?  I mean theres reasons you are missing (not every putt is going to go in, but some should)    
  Quite the inferiority complex and a major chip on ones shoulder.   This wasnt even close to Tiger in 2000.  12 under when no one else was under par on a much tougher golf course.  He even had  that horrible triple bogey when he was hacking from the rough.   Rory is an amazing player, but this euro BS has to stop.  Incase you haven't noticed, save Tiger and Phil USA had a huge dropoff after Duval went south.  No one even cares about where people are from.  Federer is...
  You wanna know why courses are packed and slow?  The bold right there is it.  9 minute tee times are a joke.  Sorry, its just the course being greedy and trying to cram as many people onto the course as possible.
im 23 and have never had that problem. Granted myself and my friends are all singledigit handicaps.  Id be furious if some ranger pulled that stuff on me or tried to tell me what tee to play from.   The only course that has even ASKED me about my handicap and what tee I was playing was when I was at the K-Club.  We played one tee up but it was my first time playing in months and if I went back id play from the back for sure.   Id complain to the owner/manager of...
Im all for shot tracker and swingvision Aimpoint is really stupid IMO.
I think people are failing to take into account the guy just hasnt putted like we are used to seeing in about 2 years.   Hes been talking about his golf swing so much and chalking up putting to him "not making them" when I myself have noticed he dies putts in far more often now than he ever used to. Hell hit these horrible baby ones that come up low and short far more often than I can ever remember him doing.
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