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AK seems like a much more fiery competitor than Adam Scott ever was.
Putting and Chipping on any simulator ive been on is always terrible. Ive played at some where you actually putt to different cups laid out on the floor at varying distances, but even then if you had a 40 footer on the screen it only translated to like a 20 footer max when going to the actual hole.
hitting it that long and being a 2 handicap is kinda meh. Every par 5 you play, unless its incredibly tight, is really just a mid-long par 4. You can hit long irons on tight driving holes and give up nothing.
Ive definitely become a better ball striker since switching to muscle backs several years ago. One could make a case that its just natural progression of improving but I noticed improved ball striking pretty rapidly after getting them.
No, in regular tour events he has at least 20 come from behind wins. The idea that hes only a great front runner comes from the fact that he doesnt blow leads very often and that he hasnt come from behind in a major. He has routinely made up deficits for wins in regular events. He never mailed it in until this year.
Johnny Miller is awesome, he actually gives insight to whats going through a players mind during the shot and he provides analysis as to how the shot should be pulled off or shouldve been pulled off. I find the mental side and nuances of the professional game (like tour pros get nervous from this...... etc) much more interesting than people like Mike Tirico or Chris Berman
Youve got to be kidding me.Tiger up until this year was the EPITOME of a grinder. He NEVER quit. How do you think he won from all those deficits before?
A few years ago it was Europe makes more putts, now its Europe has better ballstrikers? What next? We lost. They played better. It was lost Sunday.
Mahan shouldnt feel bad about his match at all. Other guys lost as well, not to mention the cup was basically decided yesterday by how bad everyone played in those 6 matches.
Yahoo sports is the worst piece of garbage on the net. I wouldnt trust a word from their website.
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