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I can hook my 3 wood really bad off the tee ( not as often on the ground, my miss is just low and a pull). The only time I dont hit driver is if im trying to lay up short of trouble or something (say a bunker is at 260-270 ill take a 3 wood if i want to avoid it) It definitely doesnt go any straighter for me.
you need to pay the monkeys and theyll help you.
Because its a stupid question. Its golf. "you dont win majors anymore" "you dont win tournaments anymore"Give me a break. People go years without winning and then win a ton again. Covering golf he should know better. Thats not a polarizing question, its a stupid one.
Detroit is actually really nice in parts of downtown. It gets a bad rap. The outlying area of the city is pretty crappy yes, but downtown is very pretty especially by comerica park and ford field.
that guy asking the question is such a douche bag. I mean you call yourself a reporter? Does he realize hes covering golf?
Front nine is almost 4000 yards. Its getting ridiculous. Not like the ball is going to fly far there anyway since its going to be cold/wet.
Ya but Curtis is FAR superior to beem. Shaun Micheel too.
23 and have used a push cart for 4+ years. Its worth it definately. I always carried in Highschool and never thought I needed a push cart and figured they were a waste of money. Boy was I wrong. A nice push cart makes the round much more enjoyable. My shirt doesnt get all messed up and scrunched into my armpits, If its raining its a million times better, letting the cart go down a hill and just walking to it.....its awesome. Oh and never worrying about dropping...
I think the real question is why not just make the tour championship more prestigous with a bigger prize pool and avoid all this playoff nonsense to begin with. They could have kept the money list the way it was.
Ben Curtis has 2 wins after his major.
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