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Both of these examples are fine indicators of which tee box a player should hit from.Yes, I made it a point to write 'average' in my post. As far as score, I don't entirely disagree with your '70's' statement, but if someone can shoot in the 80's from a particular set of tees, no one should be giving them a hard time.We had an older gentleman join us not long ago. We were playing ~7000 yards and he said, 'I usually play the white tees, but I'll play back here with you...
I know it's now popular to use a multiplier of one's 5i distance to determine what tees to play, but I want to point out one thing:- In 1975, Medinah played about 7,000 yards for the U.S. Open (Lou Graham won with +3).- In 1980, the average driving distance for PGA tour pros was only ~260 yards. The leader in driving for that year, Dan Pohl, averaged ~ 275. Average drives were certainly shorter in '75.- Jack's 'average' 5i in those days was about 170. He could hit it...
"The Guy" is absolutely a 5.x handicap based on the America handicap system. Period. If you're too lazy to do the research to determine that his is not a vanity HC, shut it.
As I've said before, Dan's handicap is not a DIY.It's incredible how some folks are so quick to criticize others, yet too lazy to do any actual research before opening their mouth and spewing bullshit.
Yes. I bought 100 shares in 1986 a year or so after Jordan signed with them, Now it's 1600 shares after a few splits. We got a nice bump when Tiger came onboard, and we've weathered the 'Tiger Storm' quite nicely. I'd like nothing more than for Rory to sign with Nike, and I don't think Tiger would care at all.
I don't understand these 'rules' posts'. Virtually every game has rules, and very few people question most of them, to wit: - I never hear anyone suggest a tennis match where players let the ball bounce twice instead of once (or not at all). The game would be easier, though, right? I guess it would also make it more fun for some folks. - When I sit down at a chess board, no on ever says, " Hey! Let's move our pawns in every direction!" - We never play four outs in...
    SkyDroid does give distances to bunkers/hazards. Use the up/down arrow on the FCB screen.
  There are definitely amateurs who could play professionally, but choose not to do so. There are no golfers that are 0-+3 or so that could play professionally even if they wanted to.   In golf, as in many sports, there are players who have the skill set to earn a living on the Tour, but find that kind of life not to their liking. I'm not saying there are thousands of them or anything, but there are a few. There's obviously not aTiger Woods playing a local muni every...
So, did you play at Deerwood?
Nothing. If I'm on a golf course, it's all good.
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