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  If you have to grip down beyond the bottom of a standard grip, get a lesson.
  I've played many match and medal play events. 'So much better than stroke play' would be quite an overstatement for me. Also, not sure anything about match play is any 'rushier' than stringing together birdies in medal play, knocking it to a foot (or in) on a long par 3, etc.   Winning is winning. It's just different.
  Me and some buddies used to do this, but we'd call the shot shape to the other at the top of their backswing. Read about it in a book a long time ago. It's amazing how quickly one can react and hit different shot shapes with virtually no foreknowledge of what they're going to be asked/told to do. It goes along with the idea that your body and mind know what to do, you just have to get out of the way.
  I've hit more than one water shot before, much to the amusement of my buddies. Got them out, but don't remember anything else about them.   I'll hit off anything that isn't moving, and I don't really care what it does to my clubs. That's why I bought them - to play golf.
  You have no real basis to say that the coach 'doesn't sound very competent'. We've heard one side of the story. I wish the OP the very best, and I hope he manages to land a spot on the team, but it sounds like the coach told him exactly what to do if he wants to be considered for the team. Now the kid needs to do those things and work on his game.   Unless the young man is a very close relative (as in son/grandson, and that's a stretch), an A.D. isn't going to get...
  I saw the beer toast, so it's all good here.   I don't think I'd be hauling it to Vegas to golf if I lived in L.A., either. The sweet golfing season is just around the corner here, though. In fact, I played 27 today because the weather was so perfect: It only got to ~100, but there was a little breeze blowing   We were oh-so-close to moving to San Diego instead of Vegas. In the end, we couldn't fade the state income tax, so here we are. Don't mind the heat so much,...
    We've got three courses, so I picked the course that I think is the least penal hitting driver from the reds. Otherwise, I'd agree with you (because of the trouble, not because I'll be in-between clubs). If a hole is playing 280, I can grip down and hit driver 220 which will leave, for me, a perfect lob wedge.   @Saig55: Is the Cordova CC you're going to play the same course that almost closed (or did close) a few years back? Probably played there a dozen times or so...
  You...Are...Killin'...Me!   Also, I see many 'skins' worthy posts here, but 90% of the time I'm on my iPad and can't give one. I try to remember who deserves what when I sit down at a desktop PC, but I'm old and not that smart to begin with, so there's that, too.
I was thinking about sandblasting and painting a couple of older sticks that still use. There's some decent info on the net about touch ups and refinishing clubs.I'm in the group, 'Clubs are just tools. They're going to get scuffed.' Can't imagine using iron sleeves, but I know some guys really like them.
Nothing wrong with impact tape. I use duct tape, though. It's cheap, easy to carry a roll, and serves the same purpose.
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