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 I can't see any reference to compasses.  Which of the changed decisions mentions this?
  The rule doesn't state that.  It states "Foreign material must not be applied to the club face for the purpose of influencing the movement of the ball".  As you haven't added the tape for the purpose of influencing the ball, then you haven't broken the rule.
If Carl had continued with his stroke and accidentally hit the other ball whilst it was moving then Rule 19-1 (Ball in motion deflected by outside agency) would apply and the other ball would be played from wherever it finished.  Petterson wouldn't be penalised for playing a wrong ball as he didn't make a stroke at the other ball - he made a stroke at his ball.    Decision 1-4/1 deals with the situation where a player is distracted by a fellow competitor dropping a...
  Rule 8.2 does not refer to the line of putt, it refers to a "line for putting" - they are not the same thing. 
  Rule 8.2b states that the putting green must not be touched when pointing out a line for putting.  Does laying a putter behind the ball constitutes pointing out a line for putting? If so, then I can't see how there isn't a penalty.
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