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Reading this book at the moment, halfway through and I've learnt A LOT of useful things. I can feel a re-shape coming on.
I was interested to hear he has won on his 100th, 200th and now 300th starts in the PGA tour. 400th the 19th major? ;-)
I'd look into drivers now as well, test them as well as the fairway woods. Then buy the wood now, get used to it and you can look forward to getting the driver in a year (for cheaper).
You could do worse than the Cobra Amp Cell. They are adjustable I think but kinda pricey.   If your driver is a Taylormade, I'd suggest sticking with the same brand for now, unless you plan to replace the driver later.
I'm quite bad for OCD on brands in the bag. Though I'm thinking of introducing more soon.   As for fairway wood suggestions: the Callaway X hot's seem to be getting good reviews, not hit one myself but I need new woods and this is one of the one's I'm thinking about.
How are you hitting the draw? If it is by aiming to the right of the target and turning the club face towards the target, then it may be that your club face at impact is too closed.   When I first started playing I was a slicer, never really had a problem with hooks. But when practice, sometimes I fool around deliberately trying to hit hooks and it is quite easy to do by swinging in-to-out, but what makes a more drastic effect is turning the hands over, so this could...
I've got money on Colsaerts....there's still 3 days
    No one posted this yet, so I thought I might as well.   I don't think his tooth is so sore, as has been mentioned he didn't say anything about it until after he left.
You should think about sliding the hip towards the target and then clearing. The hip slide is pretty important.
My PW is 45 degrees, SW 55 and I have 59 degree and 64 degree wedges too. But I'm thinking of ditching the 64 for a filler between P and S.
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