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Congrats to all the selections, they were well deserved. Hopefully I'll be able to call the red squad teammates in a few weeks but regardless, the west coast is looking formidable!
As others have said, there are no 6,500 yard courses out there that rate up much higher than 72.   My home course is about 6,450 and the longest par 4 is 423 yards. The longest par 5 is 540 yards. In theory, both would be reachable in regulation for a guy who hits it 225 yards off the tee. Of course, being that short puts a lot of stress on the rest of your game, but in theory I suppose that it's possible.
Photos from Teton Pines country club in Jackson Hole, WY. It's a beautiful course in its own right, but at 7,000 feet elevation, the added 50 yards on my drives were a nice bonus!
It happened to me about 4 years ago with my R9 driver. Hit a shot dead center club face, but the sound was off and the ball landed about 50 yards short of where I was expecting. I took a closer look at the head and noticed a crack similar to the one in your picture, albeit a bit more subtle.   I had won the club at a charity scramble, so I figured that I was SOL, but I brought it into my local retailer nonetheless. Since I had bought some clubs there previously and knew...
After a brief delay, here is my recap of the 3rd and final day of our Mens Club Championship. I finished in 3rd place, two shots back of the eventual winner, but let's just say that I empathized with Dustin Johnson on Sunday evening: As well as I was playing, I felt like I should have won. Unfortunately, the weight of tournament golf got to me and I collapsed when a victory was well in my sight.   From the get go, there were really only 5 guys in contention. Our final...
I was B-fit for Bridgestone B330 RX golf balls   1. Rory McIllroy - 13 2. Billy Horschel - 13 3. Chris Kirk -13
 I disagree. I play a bit of "client golf" for work and as a general rule, I do not post those rounds. During these rounds, most of my focus in on personal and business discussions. I still try my hardest to hit good shots, but my focus is not really on my score. If a client wants to swat a 4 footer for bogey back tome and say "that's good," I'm certainly not going to correct him.
 Same here. I was never a huge fan of the Pro V's because they were the only balls where I consistently saw well struck wedge shots spin 15-20 feet backwards off the green. Then I got hooked up to a launch monitor for my driver and The Pro V1 underperformed for my swing speed as well. Relative to a few other balls that I tested, I imparted way too much spin on the Pro V1 and lost a signifance amount of distance and accuracy as a result. The Pro V1-x was better, but not...
Thanks Ken!
Finished day 2 of our club championship. I didn't hit the ball well today but managed to shoot an 82 (net 74) and am currently tied for 2nd. Despite poor ball striking, I kept the blowups to a minimum and made a ton of testy 3 foot bogey putts. Will post a more detailed recap tomorrow - hopefully I'll be sharing good news.
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