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I've found that the carpet in our bedroom doubles nicely as a makeshift fairway. So I've gotten some great practice at those delicate 5 yard pitches. If I can clear the front of the mattress, but not fly it all way to the headboard, I consider it a successful pitch.
Play golf in jeans. Play in a tank top and sandals? Fine by me (I've often been tempted to do so myself, just to mitigate my farmers tan). But I cannot possibly, under any scenario, imagine why someone would play golf in jeans.
For better or worse, I want to have a driver in my hand on 18. Just a personal preference. So I would be opposed to a par 3 finishing hole. I have no problem whatsoever with a par 3 9th hole
Bingo. Happens all the time in corporate America. Maybe there was a valid reason they had for not selling you the demo club. Or maybe the boss just "said so'," and the rep was too lazy or too scared of challenging that directive to try and accommodate your request.
Sorry. Didn't see your prior post. Matt Mora at Urban Performance was who I spoke with. He seemed like a decent guy, but I can't give you any useful information based on our brief phone call. Best of luck in your search!
I've changed drivers 4 times over the last 12 years. Only one of those was due to choice. I had two drivers break (one crown and one shaft) and the third was stolen out of the trunk of my car. If it weren't for extenuating circumstances, I'd probably be changing drivers every 5+ years.
Disagree with your general premise, but as you know, it only takes one bad apple to screw it up for everyone. And unfortunately, there's ALWAYS one......
Welcome. I'll be in Scottsdale for a few days at the end of May. If you (or any other AZ locals) want to brave the heat the afternoon of Saturday the 30th and tee it up, feel free to send me a pm.
My practice has been limited, but I've been able to get in 5 minutes every day except for one. Most days it's been mirror work on the full swing but today I got to do about 20 minutes on the float load pitching motion. I'm hoping to follow that up with more short game practice this week. I've lost confidence in the motion on the course, which has limited my versatility around the greens. When I was practicing quite a bit, I noticed a big improvement in my touch.
My 58 gets about 90 percent of the use. I use a 50 when I need to attempt a long bunker shot or need to flight the pitch low for some reason. I never use my 54 except when my full swing distance requires it.
New Posts  All Forums: