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Hey Fellas,   I have a flight up to Northern California that afternoon, so I can't play Sunday the 2nd.  Ordinarily I would suggest we try for Saturday instead, but if Sunday works best for others, then definitely stick with that. @k-troop, is Saturday the 1st of November out for you as well?
Yes I have done a 3 club 9 hole tourney before and it was a blast. My question for you is -Why use a putter? You give up so much length by using a 5 iron and putting with a hybrid/3w/driver really isn't that hard. Come to think of it, any club can be a putter. When I played there were a few guys putting with their sand wedge
This thread has been dormant for awhile because.... well..... my practice has been dormant for awhile. Nonetheless, I decided to reflect back on the advice that @mvmac gave me several months ago, review the old videos, really try to digest the suggestions and translate that with a few trips to the range over the past month.   All I can say is that there's lots of good stuff in there that I either buried (mentally) or overlooked on the first go around. Here is a video of...
The continuum for SoCal municipal golf (note: this probably applies to other metro areas like NYC as well)   4:30 round - Good solid pace, a few minutes of waiting here and there but nothing to take me out of rhythm. I am pleasantly surprised 4:15 round - Wow, we finished pretty quickly. I waited on a couple of the par 3's, but that's about it. Looks like I have time for a beer in the clubhouse 4:00 round - Holy smokes, why is this course so open? Was there an...
Color me skeptical, but I feel like there is a "twist" coming later in this thread. Perhaps the BanditGrip is legal for use in competition and the OP is looking for a clever way to highlight that fact?
Probably not in a casual round. Even if we were playing for a small amount of $$$, I would probably let it slide. I've had buddies who will pull out their "orange whip" mid round and swing while we are waiting on the tee box, I've had buddies carry 17 clubs in their bag, guys who change their ball out once they reach the green, etc. etc.   As long as there is no field to protect, I don't think any of that stuff gives someone enough of an advantage that I'll call them on...
Seems to me that the language of the contract allows the city to do exactly what they did. So no, a lawsuit should not be encouraged.
Pace of play is dictated by so many different factors, that I don't believe there is a universally "correct" time. If I were playing one of the muni's around my home with little to no rough and very few hazards and tee boxes located within 25 yards of the previous green, I would expect a foursome could easily finish in 3:30-3:45 without rushing.   On the other side of the coin, I just played the Stadium course at PGA West  a few weeks ago. Talk about tough! There were...
This is about my order exactly, although I'd probably flip 4 and 5.
Bishop's comment indicated to me that no such effort was made. If he did reach out to Watson and was re-buffed or ignored, then I would certainly re-think my stance. 
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