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I remember that! Probably one of my best 3-woods ever. And I think @Bechambo might have put one inside of that on 18 later that day.Even still, two perfect shots are much tougher than one, so a double eagle definitely deserves a tip of the cap.To the OP, if you play in the LA/OC, you should consider joining us for a sand trap outing on Saturday May 2nd!
A double eagle is quite an accomplishment. Many orders of magnitude harder than a hole in one, and quite a bit rarer if memory serves. Nice work. 
Yes I have. I hit a guy square on the jaw from 180 yards on the fly. It was a combination of bad decision making (took an aggressive line playing a "cut" 5 iron) combined with poor execution (I hit a straight pull instead). I yelled fore as soon as it left my club. The foursome in front of me who were standing on the next tee box all ducked and covered with the exception of one guy, who turned to see where the call was coming from. Of course he was the also the one guy for...
Nobody is saying that. The guy who is on the green in 2 still has a chance to win. He needs to hit is putt (3rd shot) inside of the other players wedge (also 3rd shot). Absent any prior discussion about a "green in two" trumping all else, you have to give the dot to whoever is closer after 3.
Under Par is offering the above referenced deal for weekday play. Can anyone who has teed it up here recently comment on whether the course is in good shape? Based on the standard rates, it seems like an incredible deal, especially with a free replay.   I'm probably going to purchase it, so if anyone wants to try an sneak out for 36 holes one day during spring/summer (it's good until September), let me know!
88 today at Dark Horse in Auburn, Ca. 72.5 CR/135 slope. Played like crap the first 6 holes (9 over) and the course punished me for it. Then again, it was a work/golf outing, which beats the office any day!
Yeah, that was kind of my point. It seems like the editors had an idea of how the story was going to go, and when the majority of golfers weren't obnoxious enough to fit that narrative, they fell back on 2nd party accounts instead.
Sounds awesome. Great work!
The author was "under cover" for 3 days. She only had one customer interaction that made her feel uncomfortable. The rest of the back and forth was playful banter - much of which was admittedly initiated by the other cart girls. By my math, that's one bad apple out of ... What? 500-plus golfers? I actually think the article reflects amazingly well on the golfing population and mirrors my experience that most golfers are respectful to the cart gals. I think the author...
I'm in.
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