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 I had an almost identical scenario in my mens club event last weekend. My tee shot on a par 3 spun backwards off the fringe on a downslope towards a bunker. It stopped in a tuft of grass about an inch from the bunker lip, leaving me no stance whatsoever. My first inclination was to do exactly what Christian did - straddle the ball facing away from the hole and try a circus shot between my legs. After giving it some thought, my next inclination was "you idiot, why in the...
Yikes, I would say that's closer to 350. Good for Rory - even in my college days when I was lifting quite a bit, I never flirted with those type of squat numbers.
I agree, although a 3 month ban seems excessive for a first time offense. The article is very light on details, so it's tough to say whether the offending members were given written warnings before penalties were handed out. If they weren't, I'd say they have a right to be ticked.
Playing under pressure is a fascinating subject to me, and one that I've spent more time working on in the past year than I had in all of my adult life beforehand. It never ceased to amaze me that the same swing that can produce an effortless 78 one day, can just as easily go out and shoot a 94 when there is something on the line.   There's no doubt that I've improved my pressure play over the past few years, but I still notice a deep segmentation in terms of how I...
Thanks for the replies. I realize that it's difficult to answer a question about a specific incident when it's posed as a generality.   Player X was a member of a my foursome in a recent men's club tournament. The violation had to do with a "closest to the pin" contest on the par-3 9th hole. Player X hit the green, and upon arriving at his ball, proceeded to measure the distance from the cup using the tape measure provided. He subsequently picked up the ball and wrote...
This is based on a true story, but I'll keep things generic to protect the identities of those involved. Situation:   Player X makes a dumb mistake, which he believes to be an infraction of the rules of golf. The possible infraction gives player X no advantage and has no meaningful impact on the outcome of the hole. All the same, Player X reports it to his playing partners. Since the possible infraction occurred on hole 9, it is agreed that Player X will bring the issue...
My folks say they can watch the little guy while I golf, so count me in for December 7th
I'd like to play. My wife will be out of town for work both of those days, so my availability is contingent on whether my parents are able to watch our son. I'll check with them and confirm back here within the next few days.
Not a fan. My only knowledge of Paige is through Big Break and I don't find her particularly attractive on that show. She does look good in the photo you posted, but as others have indicated, photoshop can do wonders
Not fun. I have enough difficulty tracking my tee shots under clear skies.
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