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No. Phil was childish and immature. His comments reek of someone whose ego was bruised by being asked to sit out all day Saturday, so he's going to get back at his captain with a few direct shots at the press conference.   Amazingly, Patrick Reed showed twice the maturity and composure of "Elder statesman" Phil. Even though Reed had just as much reason to be steamed about sitting out the Friday afternoon sessions, he composed himself and answered questions like a...
Yes, but in a "1.25 steps forward, 1 step back" sort of way. I'm still capable of god awful rounds, but my scoring range has shifted downward ever so slightly. I do think my mental approach to golf has gotten better over the past few years, which helps my enjoyment of the game, if nothing else.
Your friend was correct in proceeding as a lost ball - which is why it is so important to mark our ball before putting it into play. Did he actually go back to the box and re-tee?
 Congrats to @Golfingdad & I'm pleased to report that I have also reached all of my goals for 2014. I logged my 30th round in August and by shooting a 73 in my tournament last weekend, I pretty much took care of my other three goals.  My revised goal is simple - get my index below my previous low of 7.7. With a 1.8 differential that will be sitting with me for at least a few more months, a handful of good rounds for the rest of the year should be enough to do the trick!
I stand corrected
I believe the way it works is that each captain takes turns nominating a player and the opposing captain names someone in response to complete the pairing. For example, USA nominates Hunter Mahan. Europe responds with Rory McIlroy Europe nominates Ian Poulter. USA responds with Phil Mickelson And so on.. down through all 12 In this way, a captain can save his firepower for late and ignore the matchups. Or he can do the opposite and try to strategically match his guys...
Thanks! No hardware for this one - only the club championship in June earns a trophy.  This was a partner event, and unfortunately my partner did not have one of his better days. We were one of the first groups out that morning (there will still groups teeing off by the time we completed our round), and I did not stay to discover the outcome. Based on last years results, I imagine we will come in between 2nd and 4th in our flight, which will earn a bit of $$$ however. 
Played the best round of my life in today's tournament. I shot a 73, which bested my previous low round by 3 strokes. I was aided on the front 9 by a par-par-birdie-eagle start and made the turn in 34 (also a personal best). I struggled a bit to open the back, bogeying 5 of the next 6 holes, but closed with 2 birdies on 16 & 18 to card a rather astonishing net 63. I made my fair share of medium length putts, including a critical (in retrospect) 10 footer for bogey on...
 Fair enough. Out of curiosity, where would you suggest the other 123/124 guys who would qualify for the "putting tour" come from?
It is a thought provoking question, and I think it does a good job illustrating the disconnect between some of golf's old truisms ("drive for show, putt for dough," etc.) and the data behind what makes great players great.    But to suggest that the answer to the first question is zero, or one, or two...... is a ridiculous overstatement on the other side, I believe. Obviously, there's no way anyone can be right or wrong when answering an unprovable hypothetical, but I...
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