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On vacation with my wife. I spent 5 minutes putting into a glass in our hotel.
I made a quick trip to the range early this morning. Working on the hip turn with some full swings. I think my form is getting sloppy and contact was worse than I was hoping. I'll probably spend the next few days doing mirror work to encourage good form.
I hit a small bucket at the driving range, working almost exclusively on partial distance wedges (50-90 yards).
 I understand this concern, but I think there are definitely ways you can do it without being confrontational. One of the normal members of our men's club group is pretty slow, so I have learned to perfect the art of the "gentle" nudge. If I notice that we are starting to fall behind, I'll generally bring it up after I have putted out. I'll say "hey guys, we're falling a bit behind, do you mind if I go tee off on the next hole?" Inevitably, no one will have an issue with...
7 minutes is too close together, IMO. Your experience does not surprise me. The course I play most often spaces times out 8 minutes apart and the pace is generally reasonable. Although it's crude math, 8 minute spacing assumes about 16 minutes to complete a hole, for a pace of approximately 4:45.   10 minute spacing is generally reserved for private clubs or extremely high end courses, where you are paying for the privilege of never having to wait.
 While not the point of this thread, I gotta admit that I am somewhat curious. Can you share the answer?
Played another 18 early this morning. Working on my hip turn as my primary swing thought is continuing to work well. Although if I don't come aggressively enough back through, I'm leaving myself open for some big fades and slices. Despite a few wayward right drives, I shot an 80.
You too, Mitch. You hit some good drives today. If you could find a way to repeat that more consistently, you would be all set. Then again, if it were that simple, it wouldn't be golf!
Played 18 as part of the SoCal TST outing. It was a blast as always. I worked on getting my full hip turn to be second nature on the course. All in all the results were encouraging and my ball striking was quite solid today.
Pitched with my 60 degree wedge for 10 minutes at the park across from my house.
New Posts  All Forums: