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 @rpan, here are the details. This is a pretty good deal for a weekend morning at Black Gold. We generally play a Stableford scoring system where we use 3 out of 4 scores on each hole. There has been some discussion about mixing up the format in the past, but I don't think we have been able to settle on anything that has worked better than this.
Absolutely not. I tend to putt better on moderately fast greens, assuming they are well maintained and roll "true." Fast greens also add an extra layer of strategy to encourage the proper placement of approach shots, because certain hole positions are basically guaranteed 3 putts if the golfer leaves himself above the hole.   I will say that I think the excessive firming that the pros have to deal with (at the U.S. Open in particular) is ridiculous. The margin between a...
Technically none of the boxes could have hurt her, as it was a soft 17. But, yes it should have been a no brainer "hit", even if it had been a hard 17
One other item that I forgot to mention. On the final par 5, Fiamma was first to hit her 2nd shot from 257 yards out. She pulls a hybrid and seems to hit it quite well. A minute later she is shown playing her 3rd shot from 104????   So does the Golf Channel fudge these distances or does Fiamma really only hit her hybrid 150 yards?
Disagree on 1, but good point on 2
I can't think of a single recreational activity that I would recommend buying 5-6 lessons as a starting point. Before I invest that heavily, I want to know that the activity in question is something I intend to pursue for the long term. When I started playing the guitar 7-8 years ago, I fooled around with chord progressions and tabs online. Once I got the hang of that and started to enjoy myself, I invested in lessons. When I started playing tennis 25 years ago, I hit the...
Pretty non-descript episode tonight. Only two things worth mentioning, in my opinion.   1. While I'm glad the two hottest golfers (Renee & Fiamma) still remain, part of me was hoping Fiamma would get the boot for her pathetic decision to stay on a soft 17. I even told my wife who was sitting next to me that this was a perfect example of how women are terrible at game theory. Fortunately, my girl Renee redeemed her castmates with the aggressive (and correct) decision to...
I've played 3 Dye courses - PGA La Quinta, Ruffled Feathers & Whistling Straits. All were beautiful courses and all were tough but (mostly) fair. I agree that there is nothing more frustrating then being punished for a good shot because of fluky course design, but I did not have that experience at any of the above.
 This is a fair question, but I guess I look at it this way: Coming from an insurance background, I've seen how the litigious nature of society has affected the way a lot of insurance professionals do business. Rather than being a trusted advisor and weighing the pros and cons of various coverages with their clients, lots of brokers now take a "CYA" mentality to doing business. They offer and recommend every coverage underneath the sun ("over insure" their clients, if...
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