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When it comes to fitting for clubs, I actually agree with you. I've heard from a couple of folks who have gotten two "custom" fittings that were so drastically different (going 1 degree upright to 2 degrees flat, for instance) that it makes me question the validity of the process. And even if it were possible to build a set perfectly to someone's swing specs, I'm still of the opinion that 99% of the outcome is dependent on the quality of the swing itself. If anyone were...
Congrats Ken! You have an 80's swing for sure. It's just that damn putting that got in the way when we played. Keep it up.
Right. You always have the option to let someone else play through, especially when you are feeling rushed and the course is open.I will say that 3.5 hours as a single does seem like a slow pace. Even walking the course, I would expect to finish in well under 3 hours as a single. It does not surprise me that a swift twosome would be on your tail. Of course that is never an excuse for hitting into somebody....
Out of curiosity, What is your objection to a best ball?
Most clubs will allow you to sign up a single. The tourament director will then slot you into a group that is in need of another player or two. This is where it helps to have a club with a robust membership. In a club of 200, there is no problem breaking in a single, but it might be trickier in a smaller club.
 Thanks! Yes I can definitely see that on hole 17. We had it estimated at 150 yards on the nose, but you should have seen the mental gymnastics I was trying to do when figuring out which club to pull. With a 50'ish foot descent to the green and about 2 clubs worth of wind in our face, I eventually decided to club up one. I ended up hitting one of my best irons of the day and landed 15 feet from the cup. It was my best birdie chance of the round, by far.
Played La Purisima in Lompoc. From the blues, the course is a beast at 73.1/136. But when the winds are really blowing (which they almost always are in the afternoon), the course might be one of the toughest in all of SoCal.   Fun fact to illustrate the severity of the winds yesterday: My two best drives were on holes 6 (upwind) and hole 12 (straight downwind). Based on feel and trajectory, I would speculate that I actually hit a slightly better drive on 6. Total...
Following up on my post above, I just did a quick google search for Tacoma golf. The first two courses that popped up were Allenmore and Meadow Park Golf courses. Both appear to have active men's clubs (linked below)   http://allenmoremc.com/   http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/golf-mens-club/
New Posts  All Forums: