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  So...... In other words you are advocating for sandbagging?
A "near mint" club would probably sell for a 20-25% discount relative to an indentical club that was labeled brand new. Assuming the club actually was used in play (personally I have a difficult time telling from your photos) then the seller overcharged you by $20-30 by misrepresenting the condition.   If you like the club otherwise, I would contact him, point this out and ask for a partial refund of your purchase price. If he declines, then you have to decide whether...
Quote: This is an often overlooked point that makes a huge difference for those who don't have 20 rounds in. My dad doesn't keep a handicap, but a few years ago, he was playing in a charity event that required him to list one. He sent me his scorecards from the last 7 rounds he played. There was one really good round (mid - 80's) one decent round (90'ish) and 5 crappy rounds (high 90's - low 100's). He was expecting me to tell him he was a low to mid 20's handicap. I did...
Drew I'm gonna guess you played the industry hills Ike course and shot an 88. Damn, now I'm talking smack on my own team....
Lol, i remember- that was pretty damn funny. You were really fortunate to be playing a brand he had never heard of, because by the looks of him, he was just itching to add another "found" ball to his collection. I can only imagine how the discussion would have gone if you had been playing a pro v, Bridgestone, or other well known premium ball.
All I can say is that Dan looks absolutely terrible in that video. he looks like he has aged 10 years since the plan began and the rumpled unshaven appearance isn't doing him any favors.
I heard the same. Much like the college student who realizes that finals are approaching and a "failing" grade looms, the East Coast squad is frantically trying to cram for the Newport Cup. Not gonna work, guys...  [[SPOILER]]
I had a chance to put some of my work to the test last weekend in our men's club match play event. My only swing thought was to keep the right heel grounded and torque the ankles to left field on the downswing. The early results were stellar and I played some really good golf on the front 9. My first four drives of the day (holes 2, 4, 5 & 6) were long and in good position. Drives 2 & 5 in particular were at the peak of my abilities where there is no way I could have...
The way I see it 26/2 and 26/3 ask the player not to take advantage of the course's incorrect markings. In other words, do the right thing (for lack of a better term) even when you could gain an advantage by not doing so. But I can't see a ruling body ever giving a player free license to disregard course markings to their own benefit, even if the course is set up poorly. It would open up a can of worms and give too much of an opportunity for angle shooting.
2 will be a little tougher, but should still be doable. Just block off the whole afternoon and be prepared to wait for a bit. Honestly, I'm not sure when twilight even begins at Torrey, but I'd get there at least 90 minutes beforehand.
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