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I think the OP meant a complete set.   Domp, correct me if I'm wrong, but you meant complete, as in bag, driver/woods, irons, and putter, right? If so, you probably can't go wrong with the Top Flite set. You probably won't find much for that price used anyway.This way, you'll get a shiny new set that you can use while you learn, and upgrade as you go.
From the looks of it, the Callaway irons look like X20s, which are good irons. The driver/woods seems to be a little outdated.   If you don't mind the look of the Adams irons, I'd probably go with that, as the driver/woods seem more current.   My 2 cents.
Take a look on Ebay. I just picked a Cobra S2 3 wood for 20$ plus shipping. Never hit the thing, but at that price, I'm willing to take a chance. You might find a similar deal. If you're not sure how old it is, check the PGA Value guide, it'll at least tell you when it was released.
  That's what I thought.   I'm not looking at guessing, but if I knew the torque figure that the cobra torque wrench is set at, I'd be able to use the tools I already own, without purchasing an additional specific torque wrench.
Isn't it the Cobra wrench that click?
Hey all, quick question. I bought a used demo Cobra L5V driver, and am currently fighting a massive slice with it. It has an adjustable shaft (draw or straight), and I want to try it at draw, to see if it might help.   Thing is, since I bought it used on ebay, it didn't come with the torque wrench. Anyone know how much it should be torqued to? I have a torque wrench I can use, but want to know how much to tighten. And keep in mind I don't want to buy the cobra...
I'm just getting back in the game, but when I went to shop for one, I tried a whole bunch of them, probably 20 or more, and wasn't comfortable with a 34". I was more consistent at 35" so I went with that. I'm 5'8".
I recently got back into the game, and bought from 2 different vendors. Had a great experience both times. If you shop well, you can get great deals. I bought a demo Cobra L5V used, with no headcover for 33$ shipped. I finally managed to hit it correctly this weekend. For the price, I couldn't be happier!   Just make sure the vendor has great feedback, and ask as much question as necessary.
New Posts  All Forums: