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as long as the putter is true, price makes no difference, and even £10 putters are fairly true... i used to put with a >£20 and it was the best putter for me ive ever owned, unfortnately rage got the better of me one day and i snapped it, could of been worse coulda been a scotty :D
cant remember the last time i bought golf balls, theres no need, i probably on average find one good ball a round (pro v or equivalent), well while your learning just save up all the good ones you find, and you should have a good amount by the time you feel more confident to use them.    I usually split them into groups soft - pro vs etc medium - nxt tour etc   play with one type for a while then switch to the other, that way youl have consistancy and not...
i dont like to completely change my set up and swing, if something goes wrong i try to change small pieces.   This time it was my grip, my grip has always been very open and my bottom (right hand) is always open.  To solve my slice all it took was to push my hand over and my thumb now sits over on the left side of the grip (actually i can get a nice wee draw from it now)
p.s heres the link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150832437023&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123 look very real dont they!? just be careful mate and youl be fine
Im an avid user of ebay for other things (mostly i buy and sell jackets on ebay) and i notice how much fake crap is in that catagory, so i was a bit nervous to buy golf clubs, however i decided to take the plunge. i bought a titleist vokey wedge from ebay last week, looked pretty real from pics and googled to try to be sure it was real.  Well turned up yesterday and still thought it was real went on the golf course and i was pretty sure it was fake, shaft felt...
hi guys, from aberdeen in scotland. im 22 years old and play to hcap of about 10 (although i dont have 1). Been playing since i was about 12 but took a long break since i was about 17 and old just started again this year! I hit the ball about 300yds off the tee and 150yds with a 7 or 8 iron   so i found this site while looking for an active forum and it looked pretty entertaining, love it where theres always some sarcasm etc.   currently in the bag i...
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