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Implying that I fabricated the story? It happened from a single swing and happened to be the first swing I had from the club. There wasn't a single mark on the club when I got it. The dent itself isn't as bad in person as it is photographed. That's not to minimize that there is indeed a dent.   I realize it wasn't a beautiful swing, but sadly I'm not a pro golfer that has never had a bad swing like the majority of users here. Maybe one day I'll rise your level.   I...
I just ended up purchasing a new one from Global Golf. It's a little more than the standalone heads on eBay, but since I don't know the authenticity of my current driver, I won't know the authenticity of a standalone head from an individual on eBay either. I'll just pull the head from the new one and probably try and sell the OEM shaft.
Ha! I never would have thought that I had the force to do such. Maybe I'm just significantly stronger than I thought. :p
It's definitely crossed my mind that it could be a counterfeit, though I can't seem to find anything alerting me to it.   Does this serial number look correct?     The exact same thing happened to a friend of mine's Adams driver and I've seen more than one account of issues with these Covert drivers. Be it genuine or not, I'm none too thrilled that it happened. No...I didn't hit well with it after it happened, but that could easily be blamed on the fact that I...
 I swung and that's where the range ball made contact. I wasn't happy that was the way I started a relationship with a driver. i have a tendency to look at the driver and see if I can see where I made contact. My stomach dropped when I saw it. Sad times. I think it's just the way the picture is showing. I don't think there is a sticker on it. And I did. They didn't care. Told me they couldn't do anything since I didn't buy it from Nike.com or one of they're official...
Bought from an individual online. It was in mint shape when I received it. Nike will not do anything for me since I bought it in a such a way. sigh
I had just gotten it in and the first swing at the range resulted in this. I played last week for the first time this year and had a tendency to pull my hands and make contact with the ball on the toe of the driver. This was no exception short of the head responding in such a way. Should I play it like it is or look for a replacement head for my Project X 6.0 Tour 52 shaft?   What a bad week.  
Thanks for the heads up!
Honestly, the construction was done very well and is a very convincing piece. There are a couple of small aesthetic pieces that I think the vast majority would have overlooked.   I was very close to having never been the wiser, but I stumbled across the counterfeit world and my heart sank.   As far as reporting the seller, Craigslist doesn't really have that feature. A guy posted it for sale. We texted most of the day. I ended up buying it and he was going to check...
 I noticed that label's absence when I got tipped off by the paint looking somewhat sloppy. Any other doubts I had were just solidified by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqy5_oDO8Dg . The fake putter shown in the video is identical to this one. I didn't realize these things were so often counterfeited. It never crossed my mind when I picked it up off of this guy on Craigslist. Sigh. Oh well.
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