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Long putters going away? I've got an Odyssey Arm Lock putter that I can let you have cheap. Maybe used two rounds total.
Look, with all due respect, what I said was true and your own statement supports what I said. "you have to notify the marker or competitor, you cant just hit one and decide what to do when you find them both." As you pointed out If you re-tee without declaring a provisional then this new ball is in play and your re-tee is your third shot. Exactly, you can't just choose when you find them both. You've already "chosen" by hitting a second ball with which you are now laying...
I'm with you on that. First thing I see when I read the putt is usually right and the more I think the more I second guess and then you don't hit the putt with confidence. It's hard to viualize the track of the ball if you haven't decided how its going to roll. I make quite a few putts by just walking up and rolling them without a lot of set up and time spent reading the green. I don't recomend it but I think overall it doesn't really hurt my total putts.
You are correct of course, but I believe you have to notify the marker or competitor, you cant just hit one and decide what to do when you find them both.
Guys, thanks for the feedback and the advice but I pointed out 3 of the infractions as polite and kind as I could. I even mentioned to the offender that "a lot of guys would call you on it" I was shocked when I checked his record to see how many tournaments he'd played in. He should've known better and probably did. I've been playing in tournaments off and on for a long time (30+ years) and never experienced anything like this. I'm not angry about it, and I've already...
I believe you were given very good advice. Like I said earlier, I see so many players who putt with a stroke that causes the ball to skid and slide and jump around. I see guys whose putter touches the ground when they putt causing the face to be open or closed at impact. The stance and ball position indicated in your post was the same method I adopted years ago and when I start putting poorly I know I need to get back to it.
Yep, and now that I've had time to reflect, I'm thinking that it wasn't ignorance of the rules, he was just going to go as far as we would let him. Baker was ignorant, and Charles is one of those nice old goofy guys who doesn't have a care in the world and never has an opinion on any rulling. Also, I've already stated that had there been anyone other than our foursome in the flight, I wouldv'e protected the field.The only one close enough to beat the guy was myself, and...
Thanks for all the feedback. You all made some good points. I got a real nice answer back from the Tour Director last night and he's going to have a conversation with the person I called Able. He also said he would pair them with people who understand the rules and who might be affected in the standings by rules infractions. The guy is really good at this and I'd say we probably have the best or one of the best that there is. If he says he'll address it, I am 100%...
Obviously, I didn't want to use their real names, so instead of player A, B, and C, I just chose Able, Baker, Charlie.......I guess that makes me Delta.
Joe, I think you summed it up pretty well. Although its not my home club, the tournament organization is almost like a home club because there is always a chance you will be playing with the same people again. In fact, this was my third round playing with my cart partner (Charles) Thanks for the feedback.
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