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Went around school bullying the smart kids? The sad thing is that you aren't aware how you look to everyone else.  It was a joke.  Good grief, how many times must you guys go over the same points and counter points and silly analogies.  Unbelievable, 50 pages and you haven't solved a thing but to try to one-up each other, most of the time spouting opinion and facts unsubstantiated. Not everyone, mind you, but quite a few.
Good grief.....can you not take a joke in the midst of all this?  You call this a debate?  Same stuff over and over again in fifty pages. Some of you must sit at home at try to sort the fly shit out of the pepper shaker. 
I know what you mean.  This thread has drifted to conversation about whether or not two gay guys anchoring their putters should be allowed since some find it aesthetically unpleasant. Or someting like that.
  That is the reason so many guys wait until the last minute, some often entering after the deadline (our tour director allows it) so they can see how many and who.    A couple of messages previous have mentioned $175 to join, it's actually $199 for your first year and then $175 in subsequent years.   The merchandise isn't impressive either, although the Antiqua golf shirts are pretty nice and they've made me re-think my Under-Armour only policy.   The more popular Major...
OP - hit it straight and then stand back and stifle a grin watching other 19+ handicappers slice and pull hook every shot all over the damn golf course. At your handicap, I'd worry more about 100 yds in, getting up and down in 2 from 40 yards out, and averaging less than 36 putts a round.   This no shot is every really straight deal is great in theory, but if you can hit it straight down the middle, fine.  I seriously doubt you will be psychologically damaged by not...
 I haven't found a REAL sports psychology course, but Bob Rotella's book "Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect" helped me a lot. His follow up book "Golf Is A Game Of Confidence" is a bunch of anecdotal junk about how good his first book and his work with golfers. I recommend the first book very highly but I feel my money was wasted on the second.
What do you think the chances are that the Arm Lock putter will not only convert the anchored belly and broomstick guys but will also convince a lot of the "conventional" putters to switch from the shorter putter?  I'm seriously thinking about picking up one of the new Odyssey's when they hit the store in January. The idea of putting with the leading arm straight or closer to straight makes a lot of sense to me.  Before this I wouldn't own a putter that was longer than...
I've seen so many people deloft putters and scoot the ball the first six inches that I've always tried to strike the ball so that it rolls immediately off the putter face without the skid and bounce that you get when delofting the putter.  However, I've seen some pretty good putters who use a foreward press.  Are you saying that they probably are using putters with more loft?  Before I knew that putters had loft I just putted with what felt good....now what feels good to...
No reason other than making adjustment for the loft on the putter. If you put the shaft against the forearm then you've created a significant foreword press that will deloft the putter. You can move the ball foreword in your stance but this is a bit of a comprimise.  Odyssey's "armlock" putters are said to be 7 degreees of loft and more common loft on putters is 2 or 3 degrees since they are designed to be used vertically or with some minor foreward press.
Awesome, no wonder they are the "#1 Putter In Golf"  Now I don't have to make one they had one ready for me.
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