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Looks like I posted this in the wrong section, I'm sorry, could a mod please move the thread?
Here is the video, sorry for the terrible iPhone quality.  I'm also using a Regular flex driver, but after watching this in slow motion I think I may need to move up to stiff because there seems to be a lot of bend.  Any suggestions?  
I had a friend video my drive finally to check my head movement (I've been slightly hooking the ball recently). Is it normal for my head to move during the swing but come back to original location on impact?
Right now I'm torn between which wedge to buy.  I hear nothing but great things about Titleists Vokey wedges, but the Taylormade ATV wedge's versatility has my eye.  I know everyone says wedges are like putters and mostly preference, but which of those two wedges are going to give me more spin/performance?  I've also heard the Cleveland CG15s is a solid wedge, so I'm open to any suggestions.   (I would be looking at getting possibly a 54* and 58* because my burner...
43" makes my 46" octane seem long, do you think a shorter shaft would increase my accuracy?
The usual, squirrels, rabbits, and sometimes a fox.  The craziest thing I've ever saw was about 10yds off the green at #7 my friend was looking for his ball and yells out for me to come over.  There was a group of 5 armadillos battering their head down into the ground (I guess this is how they eat/pull food out) and eating.  We stood there literally for 5 minutes watching them about 3ft away (so close I tapped one on the back with my putter, he didn't budge or run), they...
Got 27 in yesterday, almost made my way into the 80's again.  Scored a 90, consistency feels good.
I've played Nike Slingshots (2010) for about a season and half now.  I like the irons and don't really have a problem with them, but I cant stop considering the Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons.  I really like the way they look/sound and I'm considering buying them next year.  I haven't hit them yet, only seen them in the store.   Should I be concerned with replacing my irons already or should I stick with them for longer than 1.5 seasons?    Have any of you played...
100+ for the next 6-7 days and humid.  I might try early Saturday morning but accuweather says its going to be 106 with a 112 real feel.
It really just depends, a lot of days my drives are decent. There's two courses I play, one is well maintained and seems to have fluffy grass (best way I can think to describe it) and my approach and chip shots are usually dead on. The other course always feels like a tight lie, even from the middle of the fairway and ESP. around or just off the green. It's hard to explain but it's like hitting off hard dirt covered by grass, is this from poor maintenance? It makes me...
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