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good man
did u at least tip him?
  short 210 yard "risk reward" par 4 that forces you to play a draw around these trees. well the yellow circle is where my tee shot hit and the red was a huge hawk that i didnt see till i started walking closer to the tree. really that hawk never moved after having a ball rocket a foot by him. i kinda was scared walking down the fairway that he would sink his claws into me or something lol
did you hear how much they were whinning about how hot it was at the true southern classic in madison MS. i live 15 mins away from madison. it wasnt nothing compare to what it was like a few weeks ago. they arent used to all this humidity we have. now if it would of been in the 100's like a few weeks ago with the same or worst humidity they would really be passing out lol
i have all that but its just telling you total distance with roll and all. i wanna know carry. no elevated tees and wind and factoring in this and that just tee it up, hit it, and get some real numbers. if i was to go by my gps thing im averaging in the 270s
i honestly cant say how long im hitting it. i mean i could talk all day about how long it goes on the golf course but thats different with roll and slopes and bla bla bla. everytime ive tried to go to D.S.G.s their tracker thing is always down. at the driving range i have never clearly seen the point were the signs are measured from. its an outdoor driving range where they move the line every other day. sometime it looks like im hitting the ball 270 - 290 and some times...
i had a square headed driver and it was good for hitting straight but they are heavier and have more drag to them slowing your swing speed down. 
THIS!   i have a friend i play with regularly and he tries to pull off all kinds of shots thats not in his bag of tricks and 100% of the time tops it 50 yrds or slices it bad. he refuses to hit his hybrid off a tee to at least get him 200 yards in the fairway and goes with driver to over swing it, top it, and roll it maybe 100 yards out. oh yea and that fact that he stands over each shot dead still for like 10-20 seconds before starting his swing only to top the ball...
New Posts  All Forums: