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I used to leave my driver at home occasionally but not any more.  Since the larger head drivers have become so popular it's much easier to hit the driver than it was prior to the new designs.
My favorite is still Arnold Palmer...the greatest ambassador to the game that I've ever seen.  Yes, there are some exciting new players and young players out there but Palmer set the standard for others to aspire to.  And that standard covers more than just swinging a club.
Bag #1  (assembled in 2012) Titleist Irons Titleist Fairway 3 Titleist Hybrid 17 Ping Eye 2  - '1 iron' (secret weapon) a couple of Vokey Wedges Nike Driver  10.5 Scotty Cameron Squareback 2   Bag #2  (my old clubs from the '80s) Ping Eye 2 irons Taylor Made 3 Metalwood Taylor Made 7 Metalwood Taylor Made Driver Tommy Armour putter
Mid 1990s don't recall the details but I remember the course.
The GPS units, Garmin, etc. are pretty cool but they are pricey..  I still use my old rangefinder and it works just fine for me.
New golf shoes.
Depending on the group we usually play either 50 Cents or a dollar; per hole birdies closest to the pin on par 3's longest drive on par 5's   Got a friend who plays for $1000 lowest score with his Friday foursome.  At the end of the year the one who has won the thousand bucks the most during the year treats the foursome + Wives to dinner at Bobs Chop House. 
Thomas Haden Church.
here are a few suggestions;   1- leave your driver at home and use a 3 wood on the tee 2- practice long putts.  make your goal to try to 2 putt every green.   Most amateur golfers usually come up short when they do manage to hit the green and end up with a long first putt.  if you can 2 putt every green instead of 3 putting you'll shave 18 strokes off your game right away. 3- practice chipping.  Like coming up short on the green, coming up short on your approach...
The most annoying guy at my club used to be a white trash hillbilly who spit tobacco juice in the cup just before you'd make a birdie putt. I made the mistake of playing 9 holes with the guy ...but only once.   The club finally sent him packing. 
New Posts  All Forums: