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Used to walk, Back surgery made me a carter.
Lets see..... new clubs every 20 years or so comes out to about 50 bucks a year ... then there's course fees...twice a month at $37 per round... add in some extras-hot dogs & beer at the turn around... balls...I only bought 2 dozen balls in the past year.   call it $1000 bucks a year.
my local course has a senior rate for anyone over 50.....$17 and that includes the cart for 18 holes.  
Service deserves a tip.  and anyone who doesn't tip a gal for bringing you something to drink while your out on the course is a cheap sob.  besides, if a $2.35 bottle of water is breaking the bank for you then you shouldn't be playing golf to begin with because you clearly can't afford it.   end of argument.
we had a guy for a while who liked to spit his tobacco juice in the hole on the greens.  I think someone cleaned his clock one day cause he disappeared and was never heard from again.
I use a Simmons 600 yd range finder.  For ball flight distance I just range it back to the tee box from ball. 
Just the ball sweeper at the driving range!
Since I don't have a sponsor who'll overnight me a new club, should I ruin one with a shot off of a rocky or hard surface, I don't mind moving the ball a few inches if needed in a non competitive round.  And in a competitive round, if it's just a foursome, we always establish the rules before the first tee.  In a tourny I always stick to the rules.  Being that I'm not a pro and no one is paying me to play this game or display their corporate logo I don't mind...
Green grass, blue sky, not being at work.  Those all add up to a great day.
What irritates me with scrambles is finding out that a bunch of hacks who can't shoot under 100 individually won the tournament with a score in the high 50s.
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