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Break 90.  I almost did it last weekend....92.  And I can think of at least 6 greens where I 3 putted that I could have done a better job on.  So I guess my short term goal is to not come up so short on long first putts!
I am a professional voice talent.  Been voicing commercials, promos, trailers and narrations since 1980.
Other than my PW I carry a 52.08 and a 58.08.  Both are Vokeys.  the 58 is my sand/lob wedge and the 52 is my gap wedge.  I'm not a long hitter so those two clubs work well for me in those applications.  Around here we don't see a lot of hard pan so the 08 bounce was a good choice for me. 
I'm 6 feet tall.  My 'old' putter is a 35".  I have a 2nd putter that I bought about  20 years ago with a 33" but have never been able to make a decent putt with it.  It's only 2 inches shorter but I feel like I'm humped over a lot more when I use it.   So it only comes out to play once in a blue moon.  And when it does my putting is a disaster.  I re-gripped my old putter a couple of months ago...had a $10 gift card for Golfsmith so I went over there and bought a putter...
I had been playing the same set of Ping Eye 2's and Taylor Made Metal woods for 25 years.  Then one day a few months ago I took some practice swings on the range with my brother-in-law's new set of MB712's.  I didn't expect to hit them so well but they seemed very natural to me.  So I decided to hunt down a set of used MBs.  I found a 2 yr old set of 710s on the Bay that the owner was selling so he could upgrade to the new 712s.  He also included his 585 #2 hybrid in the...
Just a quick hello to all from N Tx.  I've enjoyed the Sand Trap's reviews and hadn't given thought to a golf forum until today.  Been playing for about 30 yrs and am on the come back road after having shoulder reconstruction surgery as a result of a bad motorcycle accident a few years ago.  Had to give up the game for several years but the last year has been a fun one on the courses.  Slowly improving and working my way back to the mid 80's, which was standard for me...
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