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I have a Ping Eye 2 One Iron and end up using it every round I play. Depending on the course, trees, etc, It's a great tool for getting a long shot under low branches and up to the green or for tight par 4s where you need that yardage.   I hit mine about 200 yards with a relaxed swing but can also pull off shorter shots and a low trajectory pitch and run with it.  When I leave it at home I usually end up wishing I'd brought it.  Those old Ping one irons go for about $20...
the 5 iron is my 150 yd club. 
Garmin S1 works well, easy as it gets.   I use a Simmons rangefinder.  Quick, easy, inexpensive, and fits in the handy rangefinder pocket on my bag.
the water on most of the golf courses in this area is pretty scary.  it can keep whatever balls it catches.
+1    If there were hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line maybe...but since I'm not a pro what's the point?  take the drop and move on.   wet socks suck.
Just plain dumb IMHO and probably initiated by a photographer.
Honestly,  it's not the sticks.  Spend your money on some good lessons and lots of practice.
It's about time.    On another note related to this story:   I heard on NPR yesterday that the initiation fee there is only $30 grand.  That sure seems cheap considering the facility it is. Comparable country clubs in our area have a $100k to $150K initiation fee. 
What is unbelievable is that this thread has gone as far as it has.
It's a challenging game that I continually try to improve at.  But I can easily let it fall by the wayside as other, more important things demand my attention.  I'm not a pro and no one is paying me to play the game or display their logos so I keep it in perspective. I play when I can and prefer decent weather.  For me that's a couple of times a month during the good weather months.
New Posts  All Forums: