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My favorite two are Bob Hope's Confessions of a Hooker - My Life Long Love Affair with Golf and the book about Titanic Thompson's golf hustling career - The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson   according to Bob Hope, the only reason he got into acting and the entertainment business was to support his golf habit.
I buy balls on line via Amazon. Also bought a driver and a putter on line, but only after I knew which ones I was going to purchase.
Nothing right now.....too hot to play.  Come fall though, my fall garden will suffer.
I recently won a couple of passes to a local, very exclusive, high dollar course in a tournament. So I invited a friend to share the experience.  The entire course was like a series of post card photos...just incredible and beautiful. However, the cart path markers were all worn down so badly it was next to impossible to get yardages without my rangefinder.  This course uses paint stripes on the cart path, all of which were barely visible.  You'd think, considering...
"it's good for business"....interesting you bring that up.  The guy I sold my old set of irons to keeps a full bag & set of clubs in his office but has never actually played the game.  When clients come in he talks golf but it's all talk.  I took him out on the course once but he spent the entire round sitting in the cart talking on his cell phone to his clients saying things like, "yeah I'm out here on the golf course today".  A total ass.  
We had an altercation like that a few weeks ago, not involving me or my playing partner, but it was with the group ahead of us.  The police came out and gave one of the guys a citation for assault and escorted him off the course.  In our state a verbal attack like the one you described is considered assault. Sometimes idiots need to be reminded that their day on t he course could end up being a weekend in the county jail.
I normally have a dozen on the golf supplies shelf in my garage, a dozen or so in my bag, what's left from a dozen in my car trunk, minus what I may have lost on the course (I'm usually good for a loss of 2-3 per round) and a batch of maybe 3 dozen shag balls for the back yard. 
same here...but I lay mine out on the counter in our laundry room so the grips can dry.
no - it was back in '69
"Why do you think they call it Golf?   Because F***! was already taken."
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