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I usually pick it up for the owner who, in 100% of the times I've picked up a left behind club, comes back down the cart path asking golfers if they've come across a lost club...same thing for head covers.  Never had to leave one with the clubhouse yet. 
Get a golf travel bag.  You don't need a heavy duty expensive one,  Just get one that will contain your entire rig without letting anything spill or slip out.
Craziest for me, if you can call it crazy, was a 3 club scramble.  Players got to pick 3 clubs from their bag to play the 18 holes.  I went with a driver, 7 iron and wedge and used the driver off the tee and as a putter.
along with all the usual golf stuff I keep a rangefinder and a flask of Crown Royal.
We don't need bigger holes.....Just make the greens all level!
My brother in Law says this on almost every hole........"A Pitch & a Putt for Par"     I look forward to the day when he starts hitting GIR. 
whites, always
How many putters do you have?  I'm currently at 3.  One has been with me for over 25 years. 
Sounds like it's time for a tune up lesson with a pro.  My long game went south on me a few years back and after a lot of frustration I took a couple of lessons and ironed out the problem.  It's always good to have someone else, who actually knows how to analyze your swing, get you back on track.
This past Sat.... it hit 107 here. 
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