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Half an hour early...split a small bucket with a friend...stretch and warm up.
with a 22 handicap you should probably stay with the white tees.  I would think most course marshalls would tell you that as well.
I would think number of hits rather than number of years would impact the life span of a club.  I've had a Taylormade Metalwood driver since the mid 80's and it still hits just fine.  Although I don't use it anymore.  Surprisingly that old club is only about 20 yards shorter than my Nike VR-S. but the club head and sweet spot is about half the size of the Nike.
I have a friend who lives on the Yaupon Golf Course in the Austin area and have played that course with him several times.  The course regularly has  white tail deer grazing along the rough and in the fairways and it's very common to hit a tee shot into a herd of deer. However, the deer are so used to it they just meander over to the side of the fairway and let the golfers play through then go back to their grazing.
Try Ebay Also try the Used club section at your local golf store or golf course pro shop
A course we played last month had snake warning signs in some of the wooded OB areas. Once, at a nearby course that is situated next to a lake,  I used a 3 iron on a golf course inhabiting water moccasin.  It worked very well.   
The closest I've ever come is playing at the Pinehurst CC.  My brother in law used to be on the staff there.  He went out every morning around 5am and changed the hole/pin location and blew the pine needles off the greens on one of the PHCC courses.  His house was situated at one of the course tee boxes so it was pretty convenient for him.  That got him unlimited free golf there so whenever I visited I always took my clubs and we played one of the courses.  ...
The 3W has always been a 'money club' for me.  Instructor told me once that most weekenders shouldn't even try to hit a driver, just leave it at home,  and use a 3W from the tee. He was right.
My standard course routine is; a U.T. orange knit shirt, or a light weight tropical shirt when it's really hot, with black or tan shorts. In cooler weather I switch to light weight slacks. 
Need to see a good photo of your girlfriend before a decision can be made.
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