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270 ... about a month ago.  Somehow managed to hit a good one.  Used the rangefinder from the ball back to the tee box.
Lately my Vokey oilcan 52 gets a lot of use.   From 85 yards in it's my go to club. But in a fairway my go to is an old Taylor Made metalwood 3.  It's old and outdated but that old #3 is always a shot maker for me.
I got a rangefinder this past Spring.  It has turned out to be a very handy and useful item in my golf bag.
    This seems to be an ongoing work in progress with me.
  is that a lot?
before I watched the swing videos I would have sworn this thread was a dialogue a 13 yr old.  now it seems more like a troll thread.
I seem to have the opportunity to hit almost the exact same shot you described in almost every round I play.  Lots of big trees around here. Although  I've never hit the 150 stick.  My success rate at making the shot or hitting a tree is about 50/50 I guess.  But when I make the shot it's always a good feeling.  I keep my old Ping 1 iron in the bag just for that shot....low and long, like threading a needle thru the trees. .
I have two sets of golf clubs...but 6 golf bags. My wife keeps asking me to get rid of the empty golf bags in the garage but I haven't decided on or figured out a way to do that yet.   Ebay maybe?   and 37 guitars & 9 amps.  
Alow handicapper friend of mine told me once that mid to high handicappers should always pull one club longer than you think you need....caclulate the shot, then pull one club longer and swing easy.  So I applied that to my game and I stopped coming up short so much of the time.  Arnold Palmer says in one of his instruction videos that you should always shoot for the back of the green with your approach shot...percentages will put you shorter and mid green most of the...
I came across these stats a couple of weeks ago, don't remember where though   50% of all weekend golfers shoot 100 or higher 26% shoot 90-99 24% shoot under 90   based on the players I share rounds with this seems to be pretty accurate.
New Posts  All Forums: