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Nope, I buy what I need when I need it.  My golfing partner is just the opposite.  He's addicted to garage sale golf gear.  Last weekend he gave me two Ping 1 irons that he didn't want and last month an old persimmon 3 wood.   All garage sale clubs.  He's got so much golf junk accumulated he's started giving it away to help reduce the clutter in his garage. But it's only increasing the clutter in mine.  I suggested he put them on Ebay or donate them to the "buy a club...
By that standard, and the stats that claim that only 24% of all weekend golfers break 90,  76% of us are hackers.    50% shoot over 100.  I'm proud to be in the 26% that shoot 90-99 despite what label may be put on it. 
I played with a guy once who played by "Willie Rules";  IE: "put the ball where it would have gone if the tree or pond wasn't there".  Even with those rules forgiving every errant shot he made he still scored well over 100.  The way I see it, making your own rules for the round won't help improve your game...practicing on the range will though.  When you get out on the course, despite the game you play between your friends, it's you against the course.  Why would...
My personal theory is that, as an amateur, weekend golfer, if I can play bogey golf then I'm playing a good game for my skill level, so that's what I strive for. I recall hearing Arnold Palmer say something to that affect many years ago and it's always stuck with me.  And with that goal in mind, pars, birdies or better are a nice bonus to the round.  I don't get frustrated with double bogeys but try to learn from my mistakes on the course so I can improve on those with...
I neither offer or accept swing advice while on the course.
I find myself wondering when the beer girl will be coming around again.
the only damage I'd expect would be to the club grips and rubber components in your bag. 
Doesn't matter to me.  I'm not aiming for a wall of steel and play Top Flight Xls anyway.
I'd say 1 in 50.  I'm usually solid from that distance ... sometimes a rise at the lip of the cup from the hole cutter can cause  a close putt to miss.  
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