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My 2 cents....   These 2 questions are related -- Are you really hitting it on the button most every swing? How long is your driver?   My belief is that golf manufacturers have sold us a bill of goods with these "now-standard, mile-long" driver shafts. Stick them in a machine that repeats itself to 1/1000th of an inch every time and yea, it goes farther. Not so with us humans.   For all the yardage you may gain on the once a round flush hit, you'll lose...
As far as the taking it seriously part goes ........ Entry fees for some of these things are $125-$250 a player, generally played somewhere really nice and for a big time charity like autism or breast cancer.  So a lot of guys aren't out there for just the grins and giggles. You could play Sawgrass and get a dozen Pro Vs for that.....  maybe a twilight 9 at Pebble.
Will try to stay out of the fray...   I play a lot of public courses and many times play with strangers. I truly believe people just don't know any better.  It's not laziness or apathy, it's ignorance. I always fix 2-3 on every green and hope that my behavior rubs off. I keep 8-10 cheapie plastic jobs in my bag all the time and have been asked on many occasions to borrow mine - I just give them one of the spares. $10 for 100 on ebay.
Funny....   all these replies and no one has fessed up to being on a team of cheaters. I was and it was brutal. I was the A player, but guys in the other cart were keeping the score.   Knew exactly how we were doing at every moment, but after the scores are turned in, our team mysteriously ends up 3 shots better than we actually shot.   Hmmmm. What's a guy to do - call out your guys publicly as liars and cheaters?? They were all strangers and I just kept my mouth...
I bought one used a while back. It goes squirrely now and then. I pull the batteries, change the batteries, or let it sit (turned on) for a while.   Sounds like it's not communicating or it lost it maps in memory or wherever it holds that data. Call Garmin and get someone in tech support. They're helpful. What happens when you put it in "Preview" mode?
Saw some at Walmart the other day. $19 maybe. When the golf stores pull the old model stuff, they usually end up at Wally's. I'm sure they buy truck loads for next to nothing.....
Want a ball that feels good, goes deep and won't break the bank - Wilson Staff DUO - $19.95. Actually bites pretty good around the green, too. I'd play it all day, but they don't make 'em in yellow, which is a must for my old eyes.   Noodle+ ain't bad, either (no yellow). Q Star - too hard, skids. NXT - too expensive. Pinnacle Gold - no grab.
I agree with this 100%. Fast play rules and whatever it takes to keep people moving is fine with me. The reason these remarks are so popular on Sat afternoon - Pick it up. That's good. Just lay one down. Move it out of there. Just throw one down where it flew over Elm Street. Throw one down here, that's full of snakes and poison ivy. Get yourself a good lie over there.... need a tee?
I much prefer "down", but will nudge it now and then depending on circumstance. Never while betting, though.    Unfortunately, if everyone played it down, weekend rounds would slow to a crawl. Bad enough already. Look around on a muni on any given Saturday - and everyone nudges it (thank god).   Have friends who pick it up almost every time. Make a bet with them on a "down" only condition - and they will be practically paralyzed 10-20 times a round.  Bare spots,...
Yea, and kinda remember logo balls were considered inferior. Sorta like any ball with someone's name on them. Sam Sneads, Cary Middlecoffs, Gary Players, Palmers, Tony Lema - all ended up in the shag bag...... even Hogan and Nicklaus balls were looked at with raised eyebrows. Hagens and Trevinos got thrown back in the creek.
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