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 Apologies on so many accounts.  I got carried away hammering with all the slamming of doors that was going on.  And I was wrong to think it this was a discussion rather than a task to sway your opinion.I'm not trying to sway your opinion... I'm hammering away saying I don't agree with it 
 The discussion is ALSO about changing a rule of the game.... which would surely warrant a holistic approach it. 
 Yes, lots of data, the only problem is deciding on which course of the 1000's that converted all their bunkers into water hazards to use (slight hint of sarcasm) Of course there is no data to show this to be true. I am using Erik's workings, you had no problem using these workings yourself.  Ball out of bunker: 1.75 Ball into water hazard (formerly bunker) : 2.5The 2.5 being the penalty stroke and the 1.5 used for greenside rough (after drop) So without asking my local...
We have plenty of similar bunkers in Ireland. ;)Third Argument:The proposed change seeks some kind of "fairness" between different hazards but this is ONLY after an unplayable lie is brought into the equation.The proposal is flawed if it seeks parity in punishment from different dangers/hazards BUT nit picks when it wants this fairness.If you filled up all the bunkers on a course with water and red staked them, then scores are going to be higher than if they were left as...
Using your "here's some basic math" formula.How do you address the unfairness of a scenario wherePlayer A enters bunker, good lie : 1.75Player B enters water hazard but ball has held up on dry land : 1.5?Both hazards but the balance or fairness you want isn't thereLet's call it a day and say that a ball is as likely to plug into a lip of a bunker as it is tocling onto the dry margin of a water hazard.
The old adage "Hard cases make bad law" comes to mind here. Rather than having to argue for the retention of it, what's the real substantial argument for getting rid of it? Bunkers are a unique feature they are not the same as water hazards or bushes. Why should they have the same relief? People should be aware that it is a "drop" within the bunker, if you're getting a severely plugged lie from a drop..... then give arm day at the gym a miss ;)
Ah ok, it read to me that you bought into their "winter rules".They should rename it "Winner Rules" because with that much cheating, you can't lose ;)
I'm betting the OP is still out on the course :)
 You'll be surprised with your lack of knowledge of winter rules too   Winter Rules are local rules employed during adverse weather conditions in order to protect the course... there can be many variations but the club will always list what makes up the local "winter" rule whenever the club deems them in place. The most common winters rules are Lift, clean and place on fairways within six inchesPlacing in the rough Bunkers out of play etc Routinely taking drops for OB and...
 Out of interest, how many groups did you let through during the round? 
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