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I guess you had to be there.........:)
He used to dress fairly sharp, but over the last year things are mirrored his game... Scrappy and scruffy IMO. His shirts look like he picked them up in a any 5 for $10 basket.
Rick Martin is realising that the Masters normally gets a decent field :) JK Hope Phil can make it. What's the PH -> F joke going around? Is it an in joke? On the phone so can't link it, but this thread needs the clip of Phil & Rory doing an incredibly awkward dance at the opening ceremony from Abu Dhabi from earlier this year.
I know he doesn't get much TV time of late, but my fellow countryman has some seriously bad jumpers in his locker... The logos on his shirts at present look like he has personally sowen them on too....
Apologies, I did miss that... And I'm an avid follower (embarrassed)Eyad... Get to the range :)
 Well done Eyad, you may not be happy but it's a fairly decent first step.  Re the highlighted bit... I actually think you need to get to the course more rather than looking to the range as the answer. Obviously keep up the good work at the range etc but the course is where you'll really find things out and improve over time. It's one thing hitting the ball where you want at the range, it's another thing doing it in the completely different circumstances that you...
18th green in Ballybunion Bird E3?  Can't place the bottom pic, is it from the Cashen Course? 
Wow, there's something rolling down my cheek that hasn't happened in a long time. And I can safely say it's the first time it has happened reading a golf forum :) Amazing stories.
I've been meaning to post here for a while (great thread). I've identified a target but am finding it incredibly hard to schedule a game / range session to kick it off. Time pressures on both sides. I'll continue to try but bambino 2 is coming along next month all going well. I may have to just pledge that I will remain a golfer :) if I fail this year, I'll consider next year as my Friday round and I'll have to go 2 under to make the cut ;) Good luck to all.
Ok, going to get to the range over the next few days and get some decent videos up.    Have been working on moving a little bit back from the ball and really working on sorting out that right elbow.    Whatever I have been doing, it has translated to the best golf I've played to date.  Played an Open Competition in The European Club last week and I finished with 36 points, that was enough to finish the competition in 3rd spot!!!  First ever placing in a competition,...
New Posts  All Forums: