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  Thats a great idea thanks, Not sure though what i should do when i see this person again, should i apoligize?  I dont feel i did anything to warrant me apoligizing to him but want to try and do whats right,      I probably wont golf against him again this year but will see him around the clubhouse waiting for tee times and getting refreshments.  I think i will steer clear of him and just keep it to hello.
   First time posting here so my composing skills are limited.   I think it was more of how poorly i was playing then him trying to chat with me while i was trying to figure out what was going on with my swing that was annoying.  I would chat with some but not to much, Tried to keep to myself.     Not sure if my handicap that i have posted is right, 9 is the handicap i have on the league i play i usually shoot 44~46 on 9 holes.
  I was golfing against someone on my league that i knew annoyed me from a previous round (1) the past year, so i was prepared to deal with this guy, i started out terrible and , a 10 on the first hole and i could feel that i was going to have a hard time finding my swing.  I tried to be friendly but stand offish , not talking much, compliment him on good shots and pars that he got,  but whereever i would stand he would walk right over and stand shoulder to shoulder with...
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