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Shot a 96 lastnight at Dauphin Highlands.  It's a fairly difficult course [for my level anyway] but it's probably the 2nd best round I've done.  I was under a 100 last week as well, I hope this trend continues.
McIlroy, absolutely textbook swing, a work of art.
I have a best friend who will not count mulligans when tallying his score but he's not bragging about his score later.  It doesn't bother me, but the guy you're describing, I wouldn't be golfing with him.  It's one thing to move your golf ball that's sitting on a stone or something like that, but to keep getting himself out of trouble by moving his ball around, that's the work of a dishonest man.
  Yeah the thing that got me was that hitting a nice used to be the highlight of each hole.  But then after doing that, hosing up the approach shots and then putting 4 times just drove me crazy.  Now...I don't give a damn so much about a crushing drive.  I care more about getting the ball on the green with one shot [approach] and then putting once or twice.  That is much more satisfying.
I hate the chipping irons....to me it's like someone saying "I couldn't figure out how to chip right so I bought a club that does it for me."
Not sure if this counts, but my buddy has a serious slicing problem.  He hits the ball off the tee and it sails to the right.  He goes over to where he hit it [near a green] and asks the guy over there, "Did you see a ball this way?".  They find it in the cup!  D'oh!
Someone who takes a lot of time before their shot and then they shank it.  You find out this is their game, they suck but they prepare like they're a scratch golfer.
I am tempted to do the same thing, I hit well with a 5 iron when I place it on a tee but when it's on the ground I sometimes duff the ball.  I have to get to the point where I'm not duffing the ball before I ignore my driver all together.
I've been playing for about 3 years now.  The first couple of years I played maybe 12 times, this past year I've been playing as often as I can, maybe 14 or 16 times so far this year.  I got an unlimited range pass at my local golf course and made the decision to work almost exclusively on my short game.  So I spent hours and hours with a wedge in my hand, then over to the practice green to putt for hours and hours.  You get the idea.   I play my 2 buddies from work...
  I think you're right Walt!
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