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This is the same guy that can hit a golf ball 200+ yards with a putter, no joke.
    Yeah I think 20' may have been too short of a distance.  I probably should have said 10 or 15 feet from the fringe.  I guess what I was getting at is, do people try to "putt" the ball onto the green with an iron or hybrid or do they pitch it on hoping to drop it near the pin.  
LOL I guess I should have clarified that you're not ;)
I found this video that kind of shows you what I was referring to in case my written description wasn't clear.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQqPcXAmpAc&feature=youtu.be&t=2m20s
Okay, so you hit the ball about 20 feet from the pin, how do you handle this situation?  Right now, I usually get an iron [7 or 8 iron] and have my hands holding the club so that the club head is behind my wrists.  I come down onto the ball with a putter like swing, not sure if that's making sense.   Anyway the club head hits the ball and it pops up into the air a little with a 6 or 7' roll maybe.    I have a buddy that gets a sandwedge and just pivots [no arm...
Rory McIlroy, the guy has the nicest technique when he swings, it's a thing of beauty!
I play to get a nice tan, get outdoors and hear the birds, hang out with my buddies and just have a great time.  Whether I ever become a scratch golfer is entirely irrelevant.
I like my Cobra AMP driver but I love my Callaway 7 iron.  Love hitting the green from over 100 yards.
I just bought the Cobra Amp today at Dicks and was blown away.  Now I haven't hit tons of drivers but this sucker launched the ball and it felt so good.  Now I also modified my setup with the driver today after watching a video on youtube.  My drives were right down the fairway [or not far to the right] and distance was excellent.     I even like the sound it makes, my Nike Sumo sounded like I was hitting the ball with a iron skillet.
  Advil!!!  I've got to do the same, I tweaked my back the one day and had to deal with it for 13 holes.  
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