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Okay, so you hit the ball about 20 feet from the pin, how do you handle this situation?  Right now, I usually get an iron [7 or 8 iron] and have my hands holding the club so that the club head is behind my wrists.  I come down onto the ball with a putter like swing, not sure if that's making sense.   Anyway the club head hits the ball and it pops up into the air a little with a 6 or 7' roll maybe.    I have a buddy that gets a sandwedge and just pivots [no arm...
Rory McIlroy, the guy has the nicest technique when he swings, it's a thing of beauty!
I play to get a nice tan, get outdoors and hear the birds, hang out with my buddies and just have a great time.  Whether I ever become a scratch golfer is entirely irrelevant.
I like my Cobra AMP driver but I love my Callaway 7 iron.  Love hitting the green from over 100 yards.
I just bought the Cobra Amp today at Dicks and was blown away.  Now I haven't hit tons of drivers but this sucker launched the ball and it felt so good.  Now I also modified my setup with the driver today after watching a video on youtube.  My drives were right down the fairway [or not far to the right] and distance was excellent.     I even like the sound it makes, my Nike Sumo sounded like I was hitting the ball with a iron skillet.
  Advil!!!  I've got to do the same, I tweaked my back the one day and had to deal with it for 13 holes.  
  I made a par putt this weekend after hitting the ball into the bunker on my second shot.  I actually think there's a lot of room for error in golf...just not on the green.  Maybe in context, that's what this person was saying.
Keep the hole the way it is.  I want the game frustrating and hard....accomplishing the next milestone is just that much more rewarding.
When it's super sunny and you didn't get a tan [always under trees for those who don't get it]
Prison grade narcotics, car keys, phone, can of Off! pest repellent.
New Posts  All Forums: