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  I know exactly what you're talking about.  The last time I played I started off miserable.  I knew that my frustration was starting to surface and affect my game.  I just took a couple deep breaths and went through my swing routine in my head.  The next shot I made was a nice one, it brought me back into the game.  
    You know I've temporarily abandoned the 3 wood in favor of a hybrid until I can get more practice at the range.  I just can't seem to get nice solid contact with a 3 wood off the deck.
I tee off when I know I won't hit them and even if I doubt they'll hear my ball.  
Jesus Christ what is wrong with people?  I really don't like slow play myself but I don't get so bent out of shape.  Drink more beer and listen to the birds sing.
I don't mind practicing on mats but I don't like it when the plastic fibers gets melted onto the bottom of my irons.
I was playing 9 lastnight and I was playing near some houses along the side of the course.  I see this dude running down the edge of the next fairway chasing after his puppy.  I'm thinking "what the hell" then I realize there's a squirrel in front of the dog running for it's life.  Then later on, I see some old retired guy walking his dogs across the fairway, once again I'm thinking "what the **** is going on!"   I didn't have the heart to yell at an old man so I just...
  I'm the same way, give me a 7 - sandwedge any day but give me a 4 iron and I start to sweat a little.
  Take a look at this video.  I think it's one of the better out there for a good sound iron swing.  Hopefully this helps, it did for me.  
  Don't worry, this happened to me not recently.  I literally felt like I was back at day 1 for a day.  I was at the driving range lastnight and today at lunch...nice stroke, follow through and made some nice shots.    So having a really bad day doesn't mean anything more than you had a bad day.  I recommend you take your best club [the one you're most comfortable with] and go to the range.  Key in on these items while you hit the balls:   1.  Don't kill the ball, let the...
Next year I'm going to plop down $299 for the unlimited driving range membership.  There's a driving range about 8 - 10 min from my house.  I need to be at the range every other day if not every day.   I think I'm starting to get obsessed about this damn game.     People are going to hear me at the range "Yessss my precious...."    
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