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I went to the driving range lastnight and I'm seeing some progress.  I'm definitely getting the weight shifted to my back heel on my back swing.   Making sure I don't shift my BODY when I do this.  I'm slowly getting to where I can shift the weight on the swing and follow through.  I was using the 7 iron and I swear I'm hitting it farther than I was before.  I purchased 3 lessons from a driving range that focuses on training...
It's funny but I have a bigger temper at the range than I do at the course.  I cuss a little when I'm out on the course but I don't throw anything or have a tantrum.  
Well the truth is, I'm not real accurate with my driver yet but the good news is I don't have a slice or a hook.   My drives are going straight just not down the pike, they tend to zone in on a tree somewhere along the way and head right for it.
I'm working on the following items:     1.  Follow through - I have a tendency to stop my swing and not allowing the momentum to bring the club up around my body.   2.  Weight shifting - I'm learning to get the weight to my right heel during backswing and then starting to shift my weight just before the beginning of my swing.  
Around 250 via GPS. I don't have any trackman stats.
Well I don't have much golf experience so I won't have any great stories but the last time I was out I shot a ball out of one bunker and into another.  I wanted to choke something.
I think I understand the confusion now.  I know for myself, when I'm talking about driving distances I'm including the roll.  My God I wouldn't bother dreaming of driving 300 yards in just the carry.
Here's a guy that can really smash the ball.  Take a look at his swing, it's unreal.    
  LOL!!  Outstanding post.
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