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I think I understand the confusion now.  I know for myself, when I'm talking about driving distances I'm including the roll.  My God I wouldn't bother dreaming of driving 300 yards in just the carry.
Here's a guy that can really smash the ball.  Take a look at his swing, it's unreal.    
  LOL!!  Outstanding post.
I personally don't have a hard time believing someone drives the ball 300+.  One of the long drive champions, Jamie Sadlowski, can hit over 400 and he's a tiny guy.  I was watching this other kid, only 16 years old hitting over 400.  I think if you have a solid swing and some athletic ability you can get that ball out there.     For me I'm not a powerful guy, I don't have a solid swing so 200+ yards is what I have to be happy with.  I'm not going to hit 300 unless...
LOL!  That's what I thought too but it's what I heard from a few people.  I figured, hell, my 6th year better be better than my 3rd!
I've heard a few times that when you hit your 3rd year of playing golf you are entering the peak of your ability.  Is this true?  2 and a half years from now am I going to be the best I'll ever be?
    Do you have a smartphone?  If so you can get apps like skydroid that will help you get an idea how far you hit it.  I use it fairly often when I play to determine how many yards to the pin but you can also determine how far you drove.
Just as a reminder or even a clarification.  I'm not and wasn't concerned about hitting a 300 yard drive...I saw a guy hit 250 - 270 and he did it without killing it.  I knew it wasn't just raw power with his arms causing this.  To me, a 240 or 250 yard drive is my goal.  What I'm trying to do though is make my club do the work and not my body if at all possible.
  LOL!!  Post of the day.
New Posts  All Forums: