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    I'm not at the skill level to do any intentional spin yet but I thought you really needed the grooves in the club to produce spin.  I'm surprised that, with you being in the bunker you were able to get good spin with the sand in the way.  Nice job!   Question, what do you do different to get the ball to land on the green and not travel?
I'm personally cheering for Myrtle Beach.  If we go there my wife is gonna wanna go too lol.
  That's cool, I wasn't trying to pee in your cornflakes.  I myself look forward to charity events, I'm not real competitive.
    Right, but when you were hitting 120+ shots a round were you making plans for a competitive tournament?  I can understand you doing it now...but 3 years ago it would be putting the cart before the horse IMO.
I'm not trying to be snide trust me, but if your handicap is way up there like mine....does it make sense to even talk about competing in tournaments?
Saw this video this AM, I'm going to practice out at the range in a little bit.  What he's saying here really makes sense to me and I think my swing plane is probably off as my drives are not very consistent.  I hit the ball every time but not on the sweet spot every time.  Notice he doesn't jump out of his shoes lol.    
    I don't want to derail the thread but I can't help myself here.   I have a buddy that just won't listen to reason.  He needs to work on the fundamentals from A - Z and he won't.  He can't drive very well and I tell him to get lessons and start from the very beginning...approaching the ball.  Then work up from there til you're getting to your swing and so forth.  "Nah I'm happy with my irons I just need to get my driver swing better".     It's like really is that why...
  Can you break this down for me a little?  I think I understand "good tempo", meaning not a rushed swing but consistent and fluid?   What do you mean by width and lag exactly?
    Well to be honest I wasn't so worried about hitting super far it was more how fascinated I was at watching this guy hit it far and it seemed like he was doing a nice casual swing.  If I see the guy again I'm going to see if he minds showing me his swing.  I don't know if that's creepy or not but it was such a fluid swing and the result was fantastic.
    Thanks for the input.  When I am able to manage a 250 yard drive I am "coming out of my shoes".  So I'm going to work [have a lesson this Saturday] on having a fluid, sound, proper swing and just be happy with whatever I'm able to manage.     What I've learned this year is that a 280 yard drive means f*** all when you can't putt.  So my focus the next couple of months is going to be with my sandwedge and my putter.  This is where I'm going to be able to lower my...
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