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  So these large [huge even] driver heads are great for being forgiving but they take away some distance correct?
Yeah I didn't word my opening post well.  I should have just left it at 280+ yards, 330 is rediculous.  I'm happy with a 260 yard drive and not having to he-man it there...just solid technique that allows my club to do the work.  I also wanted to add that this guy had a taylor made r11s or something like it, so he was working with nice gear.  
For those of you that can hit 280 - 330 yard drives, what do you think contributes most to your ability?  Is it the swing technique?  Is it the raw power you inject into your swing?   The reason I ask is because I was at the range the other day.  As I was walking along the range I saw this guy drive a couple balls.  It was so wild because it was like his swing was so "soft" yet the ball just took off like it was a rocket nice and straight.  His swing also seemed a...
    Well me personally I try NOT to play the same golf course that I played earlier in the week or week before.   I try to hit the 6 or 7 golf courses within an hour drive of my house.  
Speaking of ball mark repairs.  This is my first year of golf where I'm taking lessons and actually studying the game.  I'm hitting the green now from 100 yards out and closer so I actually have ball marks to repair ;)     I find it fun repairing ball marks.
I follow the rules when it comes to attire, repairing divots etc etc.  I want to treat the golf course and the facilities with the utmost respect.  Neither myself nor my friends are scratch golfers.  So if my buddy hits his ball onto the cart path or in mud, for God's sake take it out and place it where you can get a decent shot....I'm not a stickler at all for that stuff.
  Same situation for me.  I usually play with my best friend who's only ever had one lesson.  So if there's nobody behind us I'll help him out with his swing or advise him on what club to use.  I don't do it all the time though, just when I think he needs help.  If I'm playing with someone I don't know well then I wouldn't offer advise unless I'm asked.
Have any of you guys been tempted to buy the Taylor Made r11s driver or is that too "gimmicky"?
Well....just in the last couple days I bought a Callaway Diablo Octane driver, Diablo edge irons, a new Callaway bag and some balls.  My son is starting to learn how to play so I figured I should give him my Nike clubs and get new clubs for myself.   Yeah that's it.
I like Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy.
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