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NXT Tours. I've been trying to rid myself of titleist but they're just too dang good, and I keep coming back to them. Maybe the Nike Vapor Blacks I just bought will replace them..
Been using a ping zing 2 for about 12 years now. Part of the reason it hasn't been replaced is nostalgia, but it's mostly that it just works, and has always felt right to me.
So I've been looking for a new shaft for a while(cracked the Aldila Proto in my driver) and every time I get close to choosing a new one I discover more options. So please help a man in need with this, what's the difference between these two? (in laymans terms)
Two best shots on the same hole. After getting into trouble off the tee, my playing partner (dad) was sitting in the cart telling me "You can't get it there, that tree is in the way!" 140 yd 7 iron, with a draw, all the way to the back fringe. Holed out the chip for birdie. Went on to shoot my lowest round of the year. Couldn't have been better!
Shot an 89 to get back into the 80s for the first time since I quit playing in high school. And I beat my dad, which is always a plusĀ 
My wedge game is atrocious. Absolutely horrendous. Especially in the 20 to 80 yd range. I'm not bad at all in most facets of the game, but tell me to hit a 60 yds wedge and it's like I've never held a club in my life. Any drills to work on this, or tips to get better at this part of the game?
I didn't carry one for a long time, but I recently got to borrow (and bought) a friend's used Titleist driver, and it just clicked with me. I don't know/understand the shaft options out there, all I know is that thing works for me better than anything else I hit now. I agree with everyone else that's saying the same, hit what's comfortable for now, but try to get fitted/find the right one. When you do, you will know.
Shiner Bock is hard to beat for me, (Kinda ironic for my first post to be about drinking, haha)
New Posts  All Forums: