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If your losing most of your strokes with your short game than i dont think you should get new clubs. And you say you strike the ball well anyway so clearly your irons arent the problem. Short game is where its at. Practice practice practice. If you have an unfamiliar lie put the wedge away and hit a 8 iron or something similar and run it up there. Much easier to make solid contact on a crappy ass lie with an iron over a wedge.     So you own r9's but are looking at the...
Its the same thing when someone calls a sand wedge a sand iron.
Weather is beyond a joke now. Longest wettest winter in i dont know how long. Casual water on every hole. 9,18,10 and 1 all had temporary tees because the fairways were ruined and it was preferred lies and you had the option to tee it up. Needless to say it was a non handicapped event. I had some self respect though and didnt tee it up on the fairway, preferred lies is bad enough.   Ended up shooting +8. Poor front nine but then driver started working on the back and...
I usually stop by on the way home from work and hit a medium or large bucket. Just hitting each club in the bag, picking a spot with each club and trying to land 5 or so balls around that spot. 30mins to an hour. On weekends when i have more time i could stay there all day...then play golf after that...then go home and practice swing inside while browsing the sand trap
Well i just thought if hes having trouble maybe try and start with taking the club back on the correct line (although i dont actually no if he is or isnt as i havent seen a video) he might have a better chance of making better contact. I didnt mean to offend him in anyway by saying hes a beginner that slices, i still hit the occasional cut, just trying to help out a fellow golfer
  No. Chances are you wont just start hitting it ok. You have to invest time and money into it. You can study up on the internet, film your swing and then analyze it and make changes that way. Or spend the money and get a pro to do it for you.   As a beginner you probably slice the ball meaning you probably have an out to in swing path so the main thing id work on if i were you is making sure your swing path is slightly inside the line. What ive done in the past is swing...
Just not as consistent as id like but i do have high standards so im probably overreacting. Accuracy wise im pretty solid. My misses usually come off the bottom of the club face and low but generally go straight so i get away with them. And ive put a tonne of practice into my short game so if i hit a bad drive im still confident i can make par.
Having the correct wrist hinge in your takeaway should tuck your right elbow in automatically.  
  DirtCheap, its not hard to hit a provisional ball though.. If you cant find it you play your provisional. Now if only people would actually do this!
My course is so wet and muddy they have no choice to have the 6" mark clean and place rule in winter. I dont think a ball with a 10kg of mud stuck to it is going to fly well...   In saying that the course is pretty badly maintained, enough for me to change to a different home course
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