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My uncle lives in Pinehurst . Played # 2 in November  , , Good experience  , sank my first 4 putts from 15 feet . That was it . Would like to play in spring ,, but # 2 was way too tough . Can't imagine how crowded the area will be . Was surprised how small the Village area is , traffic could be tough .
You are a freakin MORON
welcome from RI
62 in rhode island today .Snow gone , Hope to play day after xmas , temp will be in 40s
When I have the occasional shank , it usually is because I'm standing too close to the ball . When that happens ,with my swing , contact with the ball is with the hosel . 
Don't let your hips sway on the backswing , turn them but don't sway
try keeping your shoulders more level at address, turn and watch the ball
I try to limit my thinking during the swing , but I have been trying to focus on my hands on the downswing . It seems if I think about turning and moving my hands down ,  and through , to about at my belt buckle and close to the body , I'm making solid contact , It also seems to limit a big problem , coming over the top .
Stay away from non grass ranges and ranges that use those cheap , lightweight balls , which affect ballflight . Better off practicing in your living room or swing in front of a mirror .
On the tee , we usually keep the same order throughout , no honors / ready golf , not necessarily who is away . Buddy and I played nine saturday in one hour walking and we just keep a steady pace , perfect
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