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Is this in Denver?
I was lucky enough to be accepted as a volunteer this year. I also have played the course many times so this will be a very memorable USO for me!    Oh and I can avoid the messy traffic by biking from my grandparents house a few miles away.     The weather won't be an issue. It can be windy anywhere on the sound and will likely drizzle but it shouldn't get nasty by any means.
Is Ferguson actually Gilberg? Something smells a little fishy...
I just finished Steven Erikson's Malazan series. IMO far better the A Song of Ice and Fire, Dragonlance or any other Epic Fantasy series I have read.
I agree, 83 is not bad for a high single digit handicapper. I have never played Pebble nor have I ever been a 3 hdcp but I would think (and could be very wrong) that a 3 would be in the 70s on that course more often than not.
Strike that. he apparently is happy with an 83.
I am really hoping he will post a scorecard. I think it more likely that he will just gloss over the bad holes and focus on the almost birdies...
I will gladly trade the possibility of being snowed out for a week (although that seems like an exaggeration) for the 6 months of soggy messy shit fairways that I currently get. I love Washington but the fall/winter/spring season is growing old. I think I'll listen to Club rat and Fourputt when it comes to CO weather! Also golf is not the only reason to live... So having mountain access, fly fishing, and whatever other outdoor activities one could imagine helps offset the...
Awesome! Thanks for the input! I can't deny the appeal of gaining a little distance... Sea level and wet aren't exactly the best recipe for big pokes! I am more excited to potentially play year round without the plugging and slogging through the mud!
Well that sure is a handy site! Thanks again. I'll have to get my bearings and treat you to a round for the kindness!
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