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I recently moved to Seattle (from Bellingham area) and haven't found a course I'd like to call home. I live in SLU so nothing is particularly close. Are there any Seattle golfers on here that have any recommendations? 
I can't stand the replacement of skill with "skill set" when referring to ONE skill. How can one skill be a set?!  I work in an industry full of the not so bright so I often hear in meetings "incedences". When I have to sit through a long BS meeting I now count the occurrences, it helps me cope...
Thanks for the pointers. We are definitely working on more shoulder turn. I have never considered spine curve at address, maybe worth looking into.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ fifteen years My current handicap index or average score is: 90ish haven't posted a score in over a year My typical ball flight is: High (ballooning)  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: trying to end the "flip"   I have been working with very small swings (1/4-1/2) for a couple weeks now. I still can't get to a good impact position with a full swing. I am open to any and all feedback.   Videos:
In Washington where I live private property owners can put up signage that states "no firearms". It is not illegal to cross that sign with a gun but you could be trespassed if the owner chose to. I respect private property owners wishes therefore wouldn't carry on said property. municipal golf courses in washington cannot enforce a no firearm policy as they are public places.
I think the answer is very simple. Carry where you legally can, where you feel the need and where you feel comfortable. Although I feel no imminent personal danger on the golf course I have regularly had my pistol in my bag. The reason I do this is simple, I carry often and refuse to leave my firearm in my car. I certainly won't skip golf just because I have a gun with me, I just tuck in my bag and don't let my bag out of reach. I did think of using it once when a crow...
My personal preference is to the maui jim ka'anapali they are an extremely light weight wire frame. The only problem I have found with these glasses is that they are so light that I have lost two pair to the Pacific because I forgot I was wearing them... Great durability, polarized lenses, weightless
Ah what the hell I lurk here regularly... I'm in for $40... Thanks guys
Although I don't disagree that more people should let faster groups through, I think you are citing something other than a rule... many score cards simply say "keep pace with the group ahead of you"...   For instance.. http://lakepaddengolf.com/course/scorecard.html
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