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My delemma is the prove x is incredible around the green....I understand choosing a ball from the ghreen back to the tee...but....if I could get a bit more distance off the driver I could increase the possibility of getting more GIR's.........I already play it forward and my drives are straight and about 190-200 yards. The SR1 is supposed to solve both problems but I can't find an assumption of distance....   Steve
So...callaway has a new 3 system golf ball....#1 is for slower swing speeds...I play a Prov1x...what's the truth?..My swing speed is under 90 and my handicap is 12.1   thanks
Thanks....after trying every ball ever made I recently switched to the callaway sr1 that is promoted for swing speed. I gad no fain in distance at all and didn't have the workability around the greens. I always go back to prov's. Golfers who only concentrate on distance off the tee are not getting pars that come about around the green. As he just said......a 100 yard shot in doesn't require a 100 mph swing. Stop believing the ads from manufacturers that would kill to...
There are better balls with less spin that will help you around the greens. When buying cheap balls you may get distance but you will have less scoring chances around the green. Hitting straight shots is not only about ball spin but more about your swing. Like my pro once told me, "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian". Get a pro and take lessons. Anyone can hit a high end ball straight with proper alignment, grip and plane. Don't learn mistakes....they're harder to unlearn.
New Posts  All Forums: