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G3 owners may already know this but it took me awhile to realize how to see all the holes on the Course Information screen.  Initially I thought it was a limitation of the software that only holes 1-5 and 10-14 were displayed.  The screen is scrollable and works by brushing the screen in an upward motion with your finger like an iphone.
Plus one on the Top Flite Gamer V2s.(+1).   I like the Pinnacle Gold off the Tee but that's where it ends.   I like playing the Noodle.  Good all around ball.  Feels good off the club face and does a good job around the green.  Plus I get usually get everyone saying "The Noodle!" when I tee off.  
Furyk because this is the second time he has pissed away a US Open.
I saw this on Sunday during the airing of the final round of the Travelers.  I believe I saw Matt Kuchar with his putter laying on the green with him lining it up as an extension of his line.
New Posts  All Forums: