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The new guitar will have the Fender Custom Shop logo on the headstock.
I really like the way this course looks, and I'm sure it's a lot of fun to play!
These guys look ridiculous when they take off their hats...
Yep, Tiger should DQ himself; this is a golden chance to get some goodwill back.
  Hi Gaber - Nice to find somebody here from the same place; I 'm definitely interested in playing some golf when the weather turns nice, hopefully soon.   Cheers,   Bogdan
112 today playing right-handed. I'll break out my leftie clubs Thursday and see if I can match today's score...  
I had pain in my left side from hitting balls at the range a few weeks ago, golfing right-handed. In the meantime I switched sides, now I play lefty. It's still a little sore, but doesn't bother me from this side. If I try to swing from the right side it's  a different story though. So try to pick up a club or two for your other hand and give it a try; even if you don't permanently switch sides, it gives an interesting perspective and you're still hitting balls.
I predict Tiger will be again the dominant player he used to be. When? In a few years, when he joins the Senior Tour...
  Err, no sir. Everybody here is on the "Chuck Last Year's Clubs in the Water Hazard" Tour.
The image of new technology (promoted by the pro tours) is what sells clubs for the manufacturers. Without it there would be no Tours.
New Posts  All Forums: