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I'd love to use a push cart.. but so many people on the course use motored carts, I feel like I slow down play so I just join the crowd and drive.  Sometimes depending on how busy it is, I push and enjoy it.   It's irritating, but I don't want to be THAT guy that is walking down the fairway towards the ball while people in carts zoom up to the tee and wait for me to walk, hit, then walk further out of their way.    I hate feeling rushed.. and this seems to just...
When greens are like that.. my playing partners and give it a legit try.. but if the next shot is solid or pointless to really go for, just pick it up.   Depends on how old your son is.. by his mentality it sounds like he is 13ish, I'd just let him learn by example. Keep doing your thing, practice what you preach, and he'll understand all the little parts of the game.     When do I pick up? If I ever see my playing partners on the greens waiting for me 150yds...
Here in Chicago the weather has definitely been getting chillier. I never thought I would go pants.. but the time has come. Last weekend.. I.... I..       I WORE PANTS
    Feels good.   I will carry this around with me into every forum I go into. 
downloaded. will give it a try for sure. I couldn't believe it was free. 
lol.. what an ending.
Your lower body is so stiff, and your swing is all arms, with the swing plane off-line.    Solution: Not my department. 
Your issue is with the driver, but your videos are with irons. I feel your driver video swing would look very different. 
Chicago weather is creeping up.. this 100% shorts thing will be put to the test soon I'm sure.
Myself and my playing partner got stuck behind a foursome. They tee'd off then said. "You guys can play through".    We tee off.. go to the fairway and hit our balls... finish the hole and move on. The lady in the foursome comes to me [their green was by our teebox] and says..   "Umm.. you hit my ball back on the fairway, I don't hit Pinnacle, mine is Callaway" ..   "well, neither do i, that's not my ball, I don't hit Callaway either, and I know for a fact...
New Posts  All Forums: