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Every weekend golfer I play along with is a club member and plays in club tournaments.   Does that fit the definition?      Now if average weekend golfer = casual weekend golfer when you have nothing else to do.. I expect to see 110+/- scores. The amount of tee shots that dribble about 75 yards confirms this average.
Depends on in your description or shipping.. it says "no refunds" or not.   If you shipped it, had tracking information, etc.. then once that package gets to it's destination.. that money is yours.     Sticky situation.. which is why eBay can be frustrating sometimes.   Keep us updated, I'd like to see how it turns out.
92-93mph. I know I can hit it 240+/-
My worst is a 9 on a par 3.    Tee off in water. Drop hit behind a tree, layup to get to hole, chip and i dig the ground and ball goes 2 feet, chip again and the ball skids across the green, I 3-putt. 
Agree with the par 5 comment above..each 5 today i was just out of sync..my hybrids really killed my solid positioning. 4 pars and a 109? Should show you that yes..you are able to play well and get the job done..just need to be consistent. Good luck! I'm right there with you..although I shot about 15 strokes less.
Let it go man.
Played bogey golf today. Was always at the point where I had to 1-putt for par. I was hitting well.. just not extremely sharp. My short game really saved me though.. I'm pleased with it.. it's what I've been struggling with. Those 58* pitches and chips.. Mmmmm.   Played with 3 gents that were solid. 270 drives, great contact throughout, was fun.
Like I've stated in this thread already. I don't tip in any way shape or form..   because I always bring my own drinks/snacks. So the cart girl(s) and I have absolutely no relationship whatsoever. Just wanted to give this thread entertainment. I've had a relative that was a cart girl at one point in time, I've heard it all.   I was being 100% sarcastic in my above post. 
850 yards? I would love that. Be quite fun.
  I know.. all those guys trying to flirt with her and get a little more than a beverage. Disgusting. She might boost your ego a little, but that's about it.
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